The Zebra And A Snuggle With Benefits

zebra wood spanking paddle on Lion's butt
Heart paddle. Lots of coverage and surprisingly heavy. (zebra wood), Balls included in the image because Mrs. Lion likes this view.
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Mrs. Lion’s housewarming [Mrs. Lion – and Lion butt warming] present arrived Monday. It’s a zebra wood heart-shaped paddle (see image, right). I guess you could say it arrived just in time. She told me I would be getting my first punishment spanking since the hiatus that very night.

Over the weekend, once rules were reinstated, I managed to get some food on my shirt. This earns me three spankings. She gave me the first using her brand-new paddle. Zebra wood is surprisingly dense and this paddle is quite heavy. It’s also larger than most of the others in her collection. As you can see in the image, it covers a good portion of my bottom.

Mrs. Lion did something a little unusual. She pulled up and stretched the skin on the bottom of my ass. That gave her a clear target of my most sensitive sit-spot. As spankings go, this one was fairly mild and didn’t last very long. That doesn’t mean she didn’t make me yelp quite a few times. She did!

When it was over and we had a little discussion, we agreed this paddle was probably too large for effective spanking. I suggested that maybe we could hang this paddle somewhere in our new house as a cute-but-subtle announcement of our FLRD. She appeared to like that idea.

I think Monday’s spanking was a sort of getting-up-to-speed kind of punishment. Also, Mrs. Lion may have found this larger paddle more difficult to target than she likes. However, it did a very good job evoking some loud protests from me. I felt the aftereffects for a while after she finished. I’m pretty sure she won’t be so easy on me next spanking.

Later in the evening, Mrs. Lion joined me under the covers for a snuggle. She usually stays uncovered. She always feels warmer than I. Nevertheless, she managed to get under the covers to snuggle. It was great. She also gently played with my penis. She got me hard and gently massaged my sensitive spot. I knew she wasn’t going to go further. I was fine with that. It felt great. I really don’t have to be edged to be kept horny. Mrs. Lion proved that last night. I’m not saying that I don’t want to be edged or that I don’t want to ejaculate. I absolutely want both. But I also truly enjoyed the loving snuggle with benefits.