According to Mrs. Lion, The Cage Is Here To Stay. I admit that I was surprised by her post yesterday. I wasn’t surprised by her conclusion that I am more interested in sex when I wear a male chastity device. I knew that. What surprised me was how much she dislikes putting it on and taking it off. I know she isn’t alone feeling this way.

penis pulled back into evotion chastity device
Once the shaft section is locked to the base ring, the penis has to be pulled back so only the glans sticks out. Mrs. Lion locks the shaft section on and I pull back my penis. She lubes the shaft before she locks the section on. This makes it easier to pull the penis back.

Many keyholders let their caged males remove and put on their own chastity devices. We never did that. Both of us agreed from the start that part of Mrs. Lion’s control is that she and she alone handle the keys. I do help her putting devices on me. It is my job to thread my cock and balls through the base ring. She takes over after that. In the case of the Evotion cage, once she locks the shaft cover in place, I pull my penis back so only the glans protrudes. Usually, there is quite a bit of penis sticking out of the shaft cover. Pulling the penis back isn’t easy. Once I have just the glans protruding she locks the glans cover in place.

I’m not sure that I can do this for myself. Mrs. Lion works pretty hard to get the pieces together and then make the locks work. It isn’t a smooth process. I can’t really see the places the two locks are inserted.

The Jail bird is even more frustrating

jail bird on lion's penis
To lock the Jail Bird, the cage’s hollow shaft receiver has to be aligned precisely with the threaded hole in the base ring shaft. There are no guides or stops to help with this process.

Of the two main chastity devices we own, the Mature Metal Jail Bird and the Evotion, the latter is easier to lock on. Our Jail Bird works with a security screw. To lock the cage to the base ring, threaded holes in the base ring shaft have to be precisely lined up with the holes in the cage (see photo, left). Performing this task is impossible for me. It takes Mrs. Lion a lot of effort to align and thread the security screw in place.

Another possibility is the Heart-On full coverage device. This one is very different from any other device I have worn. It completely contains my penis and balls. Once on, my genitals are gone. I like the idea of a full coverage device. This one may be larger than needed. I’m not at all sure how Mrs. Lion feels about how this looks on me.

heart on fitting details
The Heart On full coverage device has a rear piece that fits like a standard base ring. The cover has a penis guide ring and hinge. This was easy for Mrs. Lion once she figured it out.

Getting it on is easier than the other devices. First, the base plate is threaded over my cock and balls (Top of image, right). Then the black ring is threaded over my penis. It disconnects from the outer shell, so putting it on is easy. Then the outer shell hinge snaps into place, the black ring fits into its socket, and the outer shell is pushed up and locked in place. Mrs. Lion had very little trouble with this device.

Bathing turned out to be easy and I had no trouble staying clean. I used a squeeze bottle with a long, narrow spout to get liquid soap inside. Then I used my showerhead to rinse.

lion wearing the heart on chastity device
Here I am wearing the Heart On full coverage device. I think that it looks like I don’t have genitals. It’s pretty humiliating!

I rejected the idea of full coverage after testing the Heart On, not because it wasn’t comfortable and secure. It was. I think it had more to do with how I felt about losing all contact with my genitals. The color is rather humiliating too. But then, I like humiliation.

I’m still not sure how I feel about “losing” both cock and balls to a device like this. In a real sense, it is a purer form of male chastity. I lose all contact with my genitals. I can’t even see them. The device is invisible under clothing. That pink blob barely makes a bulge under my pants. I’m not sure if Mrs. Lion likes seeing my balls. If she does, this device won’t work for her.

After Mrs. Lion previewed this post she said that she didn’t like how I look when I wear the Heart On. I guess seeing your lion with his cock and balls replaced with a pink blob is too much. It turns out that isn’t the reason at all. Mrs. Lion went to the Nintendo website and showed me a picture of Kirby, a Nintendo character. Laughing, she said that is why. See for yourself (below).

heart on chastity device and nintendo kirby
I’m on the left. Nintendo’s Kirby is on the right.This is the reason Mrs. Lion objected to me wearing the Heart On chastity device.

She’s written that the only reason she still locks me in a male chastity device is that my apparent love of bondage makes me a lot easier to arouse when I am unlocked. There’s no question that she’s right about me being much easier to arouse. I’m not sure the reason is my love of bondage.

She also wrote that she has always taken me out of my chastity device when we travel. The reason for this is that I had a tough time peeing straight when wearing the Jail Bird. I don’t have this problem with either the Evotion or Heart On.

If you are interested in more information, here are links to my reviews of these products:

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  1. Have you abandoned the Cherrykeeper? I thought that was your favorite at one point. I find it a cinch to put on.

    1. Author

      The Cherry Keeper is the best bargain in custom male chastity devices. I liked wearing it but had a few issues. The biggest problem for me was the “head lock”, a shelf designed to “lock” the glans in position at the front of the cage. That is a great idea. In the Cherry Keeper it is a shelf. To be effective and keep my glans in place, it had to be fairly tight. I tried several sizes. That made it hard to put on. Once on, it irritated my shaft where it touched. The design is rather clunky. The bars are much thicker than necessary in my opinion. Other than that, I really like the device. My current favorite is the Evotion Orion. This device also “locks” the glans into the cage but does it in a much more graceful way. If you provide good measurements, the device fits like a glove. It is the most comfortable male chastity device I have ever worn. Also, my glans is always front and center so that I can pee the same way I do when not locked up. The downside is the very high price (about $500 USD) and long lead time. My Orion faded in just a couple of months from a great red to a washed-out pink.

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