Lioness 3.0 is here! You might think a more vigilant, strict wife would painfully complicate my life. That’s not entirely true. 3.0 has a much easier-to-understand approach to me. For example, wearing a chastity device has been a bit hit or miss since my surgery. There’s been no guiding rule about when I wear it and when I don’t. Earlier in our chastity, a rule would never be necessary. The device stayed on all the time except when Mrs. Lion wanted to play with my penis.

There were times when she would forget to lock me up again before going to sleep. That didn’t happen too often. There was also always the question about how long I should remain out of my cage after a play session. I always took the position that I should go right back in. Mrs. Lion didn’t necessarily agree with that.

Over the last couple of weeks we were repeating that pattern; that is until Friday night. She unlocked me for play on Friday night and when I asked her if she wanted me to get ready for lock up after play was done, she said no you are with me. Without a formal presentation of it, Mrs. Lion established a new chastity rule: When she is with me and able to supervise, I can be wild. When she and I are separated, I wear a chastity device.

Of course she can make exceptions if she wishes, but this rule is very clear-cut and makes sense to both of us. So, Sunday night before bed I asked her if I should put my base ring on, she said yes. I put it on and she locked me into the chastity device.

This may not seem like a big deal to you. After all, it’s logical and doesn’t seem all that different from before. But it is. Until Friday, the chastity device was something I wanted to wear. Mrs. Lion often said that she didn’t mind if I wanted to be wild. Essentially, the device satisfied a kink of mine and her role was to support it. She did an excellent job of that for six years. It was always clear that I wore the device because I wanted to.

I’m not claiming that suddenly Mrs. Lion feels that my chastity device has a new and special place in her heart. I’m sure it’s still not a big deal to her. However, 3.0 apparently decided that since I do wear a device, she could use it to reinforce her role. The way she’s chosen to do it is to keep me locked up whenever she can’t directly supervise me.

It’s a very clever move. It solves a problem for her. Before she instituted this, I asked her when I should or shouldn’t wear the device. She could never give me a good answer. Now she can. She didn’t say that I will always be wild when we are together. She could well leave me locked up even though she’s in the house with me. It may be inconvenient for her to release me and she may have no reason to access my penis.

I imagine that on work nights I will stay locked up unless she wants to tease me. After the teasing and before I go to sleep, she will probably want me back in the cage. I wonder if she’s going to make it my responsibility to remind her to lock me up. She’s notorious for forgetting. I took it on myself Sunday night to remind her.

This could be the basis for a new rule. If I manage to go to sleep on a night before we will be apart (i.e. the night before she goes to work), without being locked in my cage, I get punished. Mrs. Lion can tell me to stay wild, but I have to make sure she’s aware that I’m not wearing a cage and find out if she wants me to get my base ring on. If I end up wild on a day she did not intend, I get punished. What do you think Mrs. Lion?