lion's first chastity deviceI think it was about a week ago Lion wrote that I didn’t unlock him and that was fine since it’s completely up to me when I unlock him. I hadn’t said anything to him about not unlocking him. In the past he’s asked me to give him a heads up. A week ago he was fine with not being told. Last night he asked me to tell him when he’s not getting unlocked. What changed?

Sunday, I did the laundry. Well, I did most of the laundry. Despite getting an early start on it, I forgot to get it out of the dryer. I realized when I went to get dressed for work yesterday. We have a setting that takes wrinkles out. All I had to do was remember to do it. Since the deck has been up, I’ve noticed some wasp nests. The trick is to wait until dusk when they all come back to the nest for the night and spray them then. The trick is also to remember to do it.

I finally remembered to do the laundry after dinner. Lion reminded me about the wasps. I zotted them and went to start the dryer. While I was downstairs, I grabbed some paddles. I owe Lion more and more swats. He spilled food on his shirt at dinner too. At this rate I’ll be swatting him every night forever.

I found a rubber strap. It’s about an inch and a half wide and at least a foot long. Best of all, since it’s rubber, it does a lot of the work for me. With a slight flick of the wrist, the rubber flexes and whack! It’s narrow enough to get right on the sit spot without hitting surrounding areas. And, apparently, it’s a mean sucker. I don’t think Lion was very happy I found it. [Lion — It’s made from conveyor belt material, very thick and heavy (click here to go to where I found it). It hurts like hell! I’m sure this will be a go-to spanker for Mrs. Lion.]

I didn’t particularly have a reason for not playing with him. I don’t need one. My only hint that he was expecting something was when I said my stomach was a little off. It hadn’t been for most of the night. He said he thought maybe something was wrong. Nope. A little later on he asked me to tell him when I planned not to unlock him and, I guess by extension, not play with him. I agreed but I didn’t ask what changed.

I guess the issue is that I don’t actually plan to unlock or not to unlock him on any given night. I mean, there are some nights it’s obvious it ain’t gonna happen. If one of us isn’t feeling well or we’re tired or achy, it’s a pretty good bet we won’t be playing. Sometimes, like last night, I’m doing things and I just need to decompress. But I didn’t really consciously decide not to unlock him. There was never a point that I even thought, “Hmm, I don’t think I’ll unlock him tonight.” If I did, I might have shared it with him. But I might not have. Last week he seemed perfectly fine with my not unlocking him on a few nights. Is that because he wasn’t in the mood anyway? Maybe that’s the answer. It could have been right after his orgasm.

[Lion — I’m fine with not being unlocked. Mrs. Lion certainly doesn’t have to tell me. I sometimes look forward to play and it is nice to learn that none is forthcoming earlier.]

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  1. I find the surprise of not knowing exciting. At any moment we could play and I have no advance knowledge of that—pleases me!

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