We Are Making Progress

We’re going through a bit of an adjustment right now. Over the last few months, various medical issues have disrupted the rhythm of our day-to-day lives. Mrs. Lion has taken up a great deal of the slack that I’ve had to leave. She’s been wonderful about taking care of me. Like most things in our marriage, change appears to be organic and we both are on the same page without even talking about things. That’s one reason why our posts almost eerily talk about the same topics even though we don’t read what each other wrote before we write our own stuff.

Enforced male chastity is back on the front burner. I had been thinking about the amount of time I’ve spent unlocked. But I hadn’t made any requests to Mrs. Lion to lock me up again. Truthfully, I was enjoying being wild. Nevertheless, I have been thinking about returning to a chastity device. Based on her recent posts, it’s clear that Mrs. Lion also had this on her mind.

When she thinks about something, it happens. I am back in my Cherry Keeper full-time. It’s comfortable, and it feels “right” to be in a chastity device. I may be wrong about this, but I’m feeling a much stronger sense of resolve on Mrs. Lion’s part. I’m not claiming she’s become a chastity fanatic, but I get the sense that she’s going to make sure that I remain in a chastity device full-time whenever possible.

The “whenever possible” is not some squishy thing. I will be having a few medical procedures that will require me to be hardware free. After the procedures, I’m hoping that Mrs. Lion makes a point of returning me to my chastity device as soon as I’m out of the control of the hospital.

It’s always been difficult for her to remember to lock me back up after I’ve been out, even for a short time for teasing. Currently, she helps me by putting some needed eyedrops into my eyes every night before bedtime. Perhaps if my base ring is next to the bottles, it will help her remember.

A more difficult transition is around creation of rules. For a long time Mrs. Lion has said that she wants to create new, easy-to-break rules to provide her with more opportunities to punish me. So far we don’t have any. Apparently, things work better for her if she can catch me breaking a rule and then punish me. She doesn’t seem as happy arbitrarily letting me have it.

On Wednesday night we had one of those “what does it really mean” discussions. Mrs. Lion has a very hard time articulating exactly what her relationship is to punishing me. She tries to articulate it but it’s just not clear to either of us what she’s trying to say. I suspect the reason it isn’t very clear is that her relationship to punishment is complicated.

A good part of it is her desire to do something that she knows I want and need. I think she takes pride in her ability to grow and become more successful as a disciplinarian. The other, more difficult component seems to be her emotional response to all this. The simple fact is she enjoys catching me breaking rules. Does she enjoy it because she knows that she has a reason to punish me? Perhaps. Does she like her role as my disciplining wife? I believe she is starting to.

I don’t think there is a clear answer to any of those questions. I would say she’s on a spectrum that ranges from willing to do it because I want her to, all the way to having a great time punishing me. Most of the time I think she’s closer to the “doing it because she knows I want” end of the spectrum. However, I believe there is measurable movement toward actually enjoying it.

Perhaps, there might be new questions she would ask herself if she started having too much fun. After all, it’s one thing performing a service that happens to be painful and humiliating to me, and quite another to perform it because it’s fun to do. In my mind, if it’s fun that’s just a bonus. It doesn’t change the fact that she’s doing these things because I need them done. If they become fun and she looks for ways to get more opportunities to do them, she’s making things better for me as well as for herself.

That’s not easy to internalize. I think that’s what’s happening. I am consulted less and less about what I “want” when it comes to punishment and spanking as well as wearing a chastity device. Mrs. Lion goes off on her own and selects a paddle she wants to use. She then uses it on me until she decides she’s done. Recently, she’s made a point of letting me know that it’s when she’s done that matters, not what I want. No more.

I think this is all lioness 3.0. Like lioness 2.0, she’s not going to be a completely new person. She’s not going to have unambiguous feelings about what she’s doing. What she will do is take action the way she thinks she should regardless of the feelings. The one absolutely sure outcome is that I will get less input. I may even get no input, which is the right way to go.

In fact, I’m not asked about any activities I may have to do. From from diapers to dildos, panties to paddles, it’s 100% Mrs. Lion.