We Live In Marvelous Times

hairless arm pits and nipples
Here I am, freshly waxed. I don’t think my hairless pits and nipples look effeminate.

While I think I will always be concerned about people discovering that I wear a male chastity device, I’m no longer self-conscious about shedding my body hair. Apparently, the world has become much more tolerant of male body grooming. There are quite a few products aimed at helping guys remove hair.

I have an obvious interest in the subject since I have been removing body hair for many years. If you’re wondering what this has to do with enforced male chastity, let me explain. Male chastity represents a significant deviation from the stereotypical view of the male. We are supposed to be sexually aggressive and in control of sexual situations. While we are expected to be considerate and obtain permission to mount a female, we are to be the initiators. Women have the absolute right to say no, but they aren’t expected to initiate sexual activity.

Obviously, if a woman locks her partner’s penis in a chastity device and keeps the key, she has the exclusive right to initiate or withhold sex. This is not the norm, but the practice is clearly gaining popularity. Even without the hardware, it appears that initiating sex has become more democratic. While it may not be encouraged, female initiation is certainly acceptable.

In the 70s and 80s, this wasn’t the case. Traditional, male-dominant mating behavior was the overwhelming practice. Also, men didn’t remove or trim body hair. Sure, there were exceptions, me being one of them, but modified body hair was rare enough to draw disapproving stares when encountered.

There was a general sense that male grooming, particularly removal of body hair was effeminate. After all, women removed body hair to make themselves more appealing to men. Since women were expected to accept men au naturel, any mail attempt at grooming couldn’t be intended to appeal to women.

As women’s liberation extended to more and more people, I think that women began to feel free to express preferences regarding male grooming. For the record, the first woman I bottomed to, tied me down and shaved my pubic hair telling me she really didn’t like hairy men. She also shaved my underarms. I found that scandalous.

She didn’t attempt to rationalize her actions. Later, much later, she said that men didn’t like women with hairy pits and pubes, why shouldn’t women have a similar preference? Mrs. Lion has made it clear that she has no preference in terms of my personal grooming. I’ve learned to prefer myself hair free. In fairness to her, she is neutral on the subject of me wearing a chastity device. That doesn’t mean she has no strong feelings about me and sex. Just that she doesn’t care whether I use a mechanical device to prevent masturbation or just use willpower to prevent it. She understands I find wearing a chastity device exciting and is happy to indulge my kink.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. Since I’ve expressed my desire to be locked in a chastity device, she will enforce my choice. From the very start she made it clear that if I say I want to be locked up, I will be locked up and I don’t get to change my mind.

Due to the recent health issues I’ve had, I’ve been allowed to be wild. Mrs. Lion has not required me to wear my device. We haven’t had that “talk” yet where she will resume the hard line requiring 24/7 device wearing. I have the feeling that the time has come for that.

I do enjoy times when I’m allowed to be wild. During those times I can have erections. Obviously, when locked up, erections are impossible. On Saturday night Mrs. Lion unlocked me and attempted to edge me. I had no luck getting particularly excited. I don’t understand why this happened. I wonder if it’s tied to the stricter chastity device regime. Since she is showing no sign of leaving my device off, we’ll see if my ability to get to the edge returns even though I’m caged.

Meanwhile, she’s removed all of my body hair, other than my arms. She waxes me. There is a very nice side effect to being waxed. The hair grows back is finer and sparser. Even though it’s been several months since she’s waxed my chest and legs, they don’t look nearly as hairy as they did before she began waxing me.

Waxing is difficult for her. I really appreciate her efforts to keep me bare. I’ve grown to really enjoy the hairless look. I don’t think I can be mistaken for a female just because my body hair is gone. Thankfully, in 2019 most guys wouldn’t be overly disturbed in the presence of a hairless lion. I imagine that most women rather like the look.

Male submission, on the other hand, is not widely considered acceptable. Apparently social norms change more slowly than fashion. Even well established dominant women are careful about being too overt in front of the general public. Both within and outside of the BDSM community, female-dominant behavior is considered kinky.

There have been some inroads. It’s no longer considered strange if a woman picks up the check in a restaurant. 20 years ago such behavior would have drawn unfavorable attention. Popular women’s magazines feature articles on female-dominant activities like pegging and spanking. Yes, they are discussed in terms of being bedroom games, but that doesn’t matter. The general public is being educated on how to do very dominant things to men.

I’ve often referred to the fact that study after study reveals that more than 80% of both men and women fantasize about spanking and being spanked. Articles about spanking appear regularly in mainstream magazines. Look at how popular “50 Shades of Gray” has been. That story featured a male-dominant theme. However, it treated sensation play and BDSM in general as something central to the theme. The public ate it up.

It’s not surprising that those of us who practice male chastity often adopt other power-related activities. Female sexual dominance has definitely entered the mainstream. Wearing a chastity device may be a fringe, kinky practice. But spanking, pegging, and taking the sexual initiative is definitely a mainstream female practice. We live in marvelous times!