My butt after Mrs. Lion’s pre-;lunch spanking.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote that I was saved by a nap. She had planned to spank me before we left for our trip to the casino. By the time I woke up, she forgot. Her plan was to have me sitting on my freshly-spanked bottom in the car. Interesting.

It seems that there is an information gap when  it comes to Female Led Relationships with Discipline (FLRD) blogs. The few blogs I’ve found that talk about real-life FLRD couples assiduously avoid any details about actual punishments. I understand. They want to avoid appearing to be porn. There are a lot of spanking sites that cater to the sexual side of spanking.

The FLRD sites talk about the husband doing something wrong; they almost never talk about the offense. They then write how the wife takes the husband into the bedroom and spanks him. Ok, a spanking is a spanking. We all understand what one is. However, from an educational point of view, it would be nice to know more.

For example, what did the husband do to earn punishment? Are there different degrees of offense? In terms of the punishments, are there different penalties depending on the seriousness of the offense? What is a typical punishment session like? Inquiring lions want to know.

We’ve  been completely transparent about our process. You can trace our evolution in FLRD. I think we are fairly early in our adoption of it. But without feedback we have nothing to measure ourselves against.

So far I haven’t detected any difference in punishments based on my offense. Mrs. Lion hasn’t indicated that I will suffer more or less if I spill versus interrupt her. Maybe there shouldn’t be a difference. Doing something wrong deserves punishment, period. I can accept that. I just wonder if Mrs. Lion has considered this.

How do other disciplining wives know when their husbands have been sufficiently punished? Is there some standard? How does Mrs. Lion decide? More importantly, should she share that with me? How important is it to other disciplinary wives that they punish as soon after the offense as possible? Are we making a mistake by not spanking as soon after the offense as physically possible? I think it may be more important than Mrs. Lion thinks.

It’s not that Mrs. Lion  hasn’t developed her own  style of leadership. She has. We bo22th recognize that we have to grow in our FLRD. It would be great if we had some outside help.

We didn’t do much yesterday. After a lazy morning, we had lunch and then Lion said he needed to take a nap. We’re still trying to catch up on sleep. When he was rested, we went to a casino. You may have noticed my post was very late. We needed to get into cell service and then we forgot before we went into the casino.

By the time we got back to the camper it was after ten. We had some donuts, gave the dog her ice cream and settled in. I was too tired to whomp Lion’s butt. I’d planned to do it before we left for the casino but Lion needed his nap and I forgot when he woke up. Perhaps I’ll do it before we go out for the day.

I don’t think either one of us slept well last night. We were both uncomfortable. Once the dog went out, I tried sleeping on the couch. I thought it worked out well but I’m pretty tired as I write this. I’d like to snooze in my recliner all day but it’s beautiful outside and I don’t want to waste the nice weather by staying inside.

I need to wrestle one of our forty pound propane tanks out of the bay. I’m not sure when we ran out but I’m glad we have two tanks. It’s been chilly at night. Once we fill it, I don’t know what our plans are for today. We’ll probably just drive around. It’s what we do best.

Tomorrow we head back home. Our next trip isn’t till the 4th of July. Maybe we’ll get ready for that trip better than we did for this one.

hanson ferule paddle
This is the Hanson ferule paddle in bloodwood.
(Click image to view larger)

Sunday night after a long day on  the road sightseeing, we returned to our trailer after dark. Before I could get undressed, Mrs. Lion put a paddle on the bed. It was the ferule, one of the meanest paddles we own. It’s long with a small, three-inch diameter circular head. Ours is made of bloodwood. This is a beautiful, very-dense hardwood.

Once my clothes were off, Mrs. Lion  pickled up the paddle. I knew what that meant. I got into position, face-down across the foot of the bed. Mrs. Lion reminded me that I had spilled food on  my shirt. She then went to work. Eleven swats on the lower part of my right cheek; fast hits. No pause. Ten on the left. Repeat.

She didn‘t pause between groups. However, since she switched sides every ten swats, I was (barely) able to stay still as the spanking progressed. Toward the end, she switched to very hard single swats delivered in a range of spots. That was much harder to handle, particularly on my right cheek. That one is more sensitive.

Given her new policy, a more severe one will follow on both Monday and Tuesday nights. I think that this new multi-day policy is more effective. I also think that her elimination of rest periods between groups of swats works very well, even though they are much less comfortable than when she rested.

There was no punishment dessert on Sunday. Mrs. Lion hasn’t said whether she plans to include them routinely. Knowing her, she probably has no plan either way. She prefers to decide on the spur of the moment. At least that was her pattern in the past.

I hate to admit it, but I don’t remember her new rule. She told me the other day. All I recall is that it is unlikely to be broken very often. I’m hoping that she will find other reasons to punish me more often.

That may seem odd to you. It sounds like I want to be punished. It’s a little more complicated than that. What I really want is to have my lioness catch me breaking rules and punishing me as a consequence. I do get turned on thinking about spanking, etc. So there is something in it for me.

I think it is important that she has a chance to improve her comfort with her role. She’s done a great job developing as a spanker. She’s on her way to pushing me harder and making me learn  to stay in position for stricter discipline.

Developing a disciplinary relationship takes a lot of time and work from both of us. I think we are doing well, but we have a way to go. We are both making good progress.

Yesterday was a long but fruitful day. Lots of driving with lots of rewards. There were a few disappointments but it was a good day.

We started out by writing our posts. From that, Lion wasn’t sure he still wanted to go to Portland. He didn’t want to make me drive so much. But we both wanted to go to Voodoo Doughnut and I wanted to find Cracker Barrel because Lion loves it so much. We haven’t eaten at Cracker Barrel since we left New York. A few years ago, one was built near Portland. Now there are three. I couldn’t let Lion be so close and not eat there.

Along the way we had to stop at a Walmart to get a new Keurig. Ours crapped out just before making even one cup of coffee. Not the best way to start out the day. And if we were on our way to get donuts, we certainly needed a new coffee maker.

The next stop was an ice cream stand we found by accident on a previous trip. While we were on line, we saw people walking by with enormous soft serve cones. We assumed they were large. We ordered medium. Nope. The huge one was medium. It’s easily eight inches of ice cream. We learned to order small. I don’t even know what a large would look like.

We got to Voodoo around 5. The line was fairly short. I figured it might be since it was near dinner time. We got our donuts and, sadly, there were no more cock and balls donuts. Bummer. I wanted a picture for this post. Oh well. You’ll have to take my word for it: it does exist.

It turns out, Cracker Barrel is about seven miles from the donut shop. There was a lot of traffic on I5 but where we entered the highway was also an exit only lane for Cracker Barrel. We lucked out.

With full bellies, we headed back to the camper. Before we left, I told Lion we’d probably make it back by eight. I was off by twenty minutes. Plenty of time to play. But first, some punishment swats.

I forgot the round-headed bloodwood paddle was in the camper. It has a long handle which creates plenty of force. Not really what Lion wants to hear when he’s buns up on the bed. He was yelling into the mattress in no time. Once he had rosy-red cheeks I let him go. I have no doubt his buns were burning.

The second disappointment of the day was, ironically, cock related as well. My weenie’s sore spot is still sore. Bummer again. We were “forced” to snuggle instead of playing. I hope the spot is better soon.