Long List of Offenses

By the time we got home and I’d unpacked the camper, I was done. I told Lion I didn’t care what was for dinner or if we even ate dinner. Luckily he offered to make spaghetti. I’m still sore and tired from bending and lifting. And today is garbage day. Yay! More lifting.

Lion is wearing the new cage. I haven’t heard any reports on how he’s doing with it. It was a little tricky to get on and then locked, but that happens with each new cage. And I wasn’t really in the mood to be bending over and maneuvering it at the time so that probably had something to do with it too.

I still owe Lion swats. He spilled coffee on himself at breakfast yesterday. Now I have the last swats for the chocolate, two more sets for salad dressing and three sets for coffee. I guess I could double up if I do swats for something and another punishment for something else. Now I just need to figure out what the other punishment would be. I could hit him with Icy Hot on his balls but that hasn’t really been a punishment up to now. Spanking has just been the go to punishment. Why should it change?

Regardless of what I intend to do, if anything, about the backlog of punishments he’s owed, Lion will have very rosy cheeks again tonight. I don’t know if he’ll get any other attention tonight. I might just leave him locked away for a while. Not long. Maybe that will be part of the punishment. A few days locked away for spilling salad dressing sounds like a suitable alternative. I’ll still give him the swats for the other things.

Okay. Done. I think his accumulated punishment has been squared away. I hope he doesn’t do anything else silly before we’re done.