Making a Lasting Impression

woman spanking man who is hard
Even though punishment spankings are different and more painful than recreational ones, they can still be perceived as partially fun.

I’m still locked in the Cherry Keeper chastity device. Mrs. Lion left the keys on my nightstand, presumably to let me escape if it becomes too uncomfortable. I guess this isn’t an “official” lockup since I requested it to test the device. On the other hand, we didn’t discuss it and I would probably get in trouble taking it off without a very good reason.

Mrs. Lion is still tired from the extra work she had to do getting our camper back home and set up after our five days away in the mountains. That’s completely understandable. I got some extra sleep on Wednesday night so I’m friskier than she is right now.

For some reason wearing this chastity device seems to make me hornier. I’m not sure why that’s happening. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the hardware. It could be that I’m coming out of some sort of hormonal slump and the sexual restrictions imposed by the cage highlight my desire for sex. In any case I’m definitely horny today.

Mrs. Lion’s new approach to spanking has certainly borne fruit. I have a couple of very tender spots on my bottom that remind me of my last spanking. I am owed more spanking because I’ve managed to spill food on my shirt two more times. I’m not doing this on purpose!

These infractions couldn’t come at a better time. Over the last few months the disciplinary side of our relationship has fallen into disuse. It’s not that I’m becoming so much better as much as the health issues I’ve had coupled with the additional burden placed on Mrs. Lion conspired to push our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD) far into the background.

Mrs. Lion is becoming much more aware of my behavior in terms of how I can annoy her. I hope that she will take action next time something upsets her. There’s a piece of advice every parent gets regarding discipline: Don’t spank when you are angry. Mrs. Lion applies that to me. She’s careful to avoid punishing me when she’s angry at me.

This makes sense in terms of disciplining children. They are much easier to injure. As Mrs. Lion is fond of pointing out, I have a tough hide that’s difficult to mark. There is little danger anything bad will happen if she punishes me while she’s still angry. I think being spanked by my angry lioness is very likely to make a strong impression on me.

She’s also taken a new tack on punishment. We both agree that a typical spanking leaves me sore only a few minutes after she is done. She would like to make a more lasting impression. I think that makes a great deal of sense. My punishments now consist of multiple spanking sessions, the number of which depend on the seriousness of my offense. These multiple sessions are definitely making a more lasting impression on me.

I’m starting to realize that we all operate from some preconceived notion of what punishment should be. It really isn’t an arbitrary practice. Each couple has to discover what works for them. Most of the focus is placed on how it affects the disciplined husband. Has he been sufficiently hurt to avoid repeating the offense? After all, punishment is a conditioning process. In my case, we are learning that a single spanking is generally not sufficient to make the point Mrs. Lion wishes me to understand.

It’s a little early to decide if this new, serial-spanking concept will be more effective. I suspect it will be. I’m certainly reminded over an extended period of time that I displeased Mrs. Lion. That’s excellent in terms of my education. I think she’s getting a benefit as well. She’s commented that at each session she builds on what she did the last time she spanked me. It’s hard to put this into words. I think she is consciously planning how I will feel the results of her paddle on my bottom. Even more importantly, I can’t just put the offense out of my mind. I am forcefully reminded over several days that I did something I shouldn’t.

I realize that this probably isn’t for everyone. People who were brought up in a corporal punishment household are already conditioned to expect correction in a single spanking session. My experience with spanking prior to our FLRD has been recreational. Even though punishment spankings are different, isolated instances can certainly be interpreted, at least partially, as fun. A painful spanking a day (or two in a day) loses any recreational overtones after the second or third session.

The fact that I’m very difficult to mark demands somewhat more extreme spankings. The objective isn’t to mark me. That’s not what I’m trying to say. I not only don’t mark easily, I also don’t feel the effects of most spankings more than a few minutes after they finish.  I know from my experience in our disciplinary relationship, that I need a more lasting reminder to truly learn my lesson. Weird as it may seem, I think we found our answer.

I guess it shows that every couple has to approach their power exchange as unique. There are no cookie-cutter formulas for success. When I first started thinking about this, I imagined that a disciplinary marriage isn’t very different than the way a strict mother would deal with the child. After all, it’s the only disciplinary model I’ve ever known about.

The only thing marital discipline has in common with parental discipline is that the same punishment techniques are usually involved. As we’ve learned, applying those techniques is very different when punishing an adult. I don’t just mean that the spankings are more severe for an adult. Of course they are. It goes much deeper than that. It’s taken us years to just begin to learn how to effectively  apply punishment in our marriage.

We started with things I suggested that represent typical parental corporal punishment. Mrs. Lion was successful applying those techniques. However, she’s learned that while spanking, for example, is the best primary punishment for her to apply, the single-session technique used with the child is less effective with me.

Beyond learning how to effectively punish me, I think we’ve both learned that this female-authoritative model helps both of us. We need the regular reminders of infractions and the resulting punishments to keep us properly oriented on our chosen path.