Bell Curve

Lion's new Fleshlight
This is the Fleshlight.

Lion was looking forward to being less needy. He didn’t want to bother me for help to the bathroom or getting medication or getting food. I never saw it as a problem, except for when he’d ask for something and I’d get it and just get sitting down and he’d ask for something else. That part I could do without. Luckily, he paid more attention to his requests after I pointed out my up-and-down behavior.

Now that he’s getting around better, we’re trying to get his sexual activity back on track. And now he’s becoming needy in that department. Not overly needy. I think it’s just the difference between no activity and activity that it’s so noticeable.

I’ve been edging him the past few nights. At this point, he’s very horny. I was wondering how long I should make him wait. My initial theory of having an orgasm every time we played, sort of priming the pump, fell by the wayside the other night. Lion said he’d rather be edged to build up some steam. So how long until the steam is built up?

If memory serves, there’s a sweet spot. A bell curve of sorts. The first few days gets him horny. Another few days gets him frustrated. And then another few days gets him to the point that he doesn’t care anymore. I may be off in my counting. There may be more than a few days in each category. And there may be more categories. The point is, I should aim for the sweet spot.

However, as we told you the other day, Lion ordered a Fleshlight. He wasn’t happy about how long it would take to get here so he ordered another one from Amazon. It arrived today. All I can say is, “Wow! It’s weird.” It’s gooey. It reminds me of the do-it-yourself dildo goop we got. Before it set, it was like pudding. The Fleshlight seems to be a cross between pudding and gelatin texture.

Needless to say, Lion is eager to test it. He’ll get his chance later on. I wonder if I’ll just try to edge him with it or let him come. I guess that all depends on how much he likes it. Sweet spot or not.

[Lion — FYI I start to get horny by day four. This keeps increasing until about day 10. At that point, I get very frustrated as well as horny. By day 14 or 15 I start losing interest.]