My New Girlfriend: Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight liner
This is the business end of the new Fleshlight. It’s a heavy mass of rubbery material that when lubed is disturbingly similar-feeling to the inside of a vagina. I like it!

One of the side effects that comes from writing daily posts is that we sometimes seem to be stuck in a groove when new things enter our lives. Case in point: the Fleshlight. We’ve both been writing about it a good deal lately. It arrived Monday afternoon and we got to try it that very night.

I admit that I never gave much thought to male sex toys. Part of the reason is that this category is called “masturbators”. Apparently any toy aimed at penis owners needs that label. Until very recently, the only toy we had that is intended to provide sexual arousal to me is our Magic Wand vibrator. Mrs. Lion calls this toy my best friend.

It’s true. In her hands this vibrator is guaranteed to get me off. She uses it now and then for variety. Sexual arousal and eventual orgasm is almost always created by her hand. I guess that’s my favorite masturbator.

My sex life is different from most. Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex for herself some years ago. As a result, vaginal sex for me is exceedingly rare. The last time we had vaginal sex was in April 2018. Before that it was way back in 2015 (I think. We started keeping records in January 2016.). I’m not complaining. I get a lot of sexual attention and I enjoy every bit of it.

I know that Mrs. Lion tries to think of new ways to arouse me. Apparently, somewhere in her reading she came across the Fleshlight. We’ve both written about it. Now that we tried it, I can report it’s a pretty authentic vaginal simulator.

We were both surprised by its weight. This device looks like an oversized flash light. It has to weigh 2 pounds. There is a strange-feeling, heavy, rubber like liner designed to receive my penis. The particular model I ordered has a smooth surface in the vaginal canal. This was the original Fleshlight.

The liner feels a bit sticky to the touch. Water-based lube is necessary to use this toy. We started out by generously lubing the opening in the Fleshlight and my penis. It slipped in easily and Mrs. Lion began moving it up and down. I didn’t get a great deal of sensation. After a couple of minutes I suggested that we might have used too much lube. She removed the toy and I went into the bathroom and washed off.

When I returned the Fleshlight had enough lube in it to easily slip over me and, as Mrs. Lion resumed, the intensity improved. As she varied her motion and the remaining lube dissipated a bit, it started to feel like I was inside a real woman. It was, to say the least, surprising. She continued for a little while and then stopped.

She resumed using her hand. This made sense since it would be very difficult to be able to edge me while I was fucking this rubber vagina. I found myself blocked. I just couldn’t get past a certain level of arousal. At my suggestion, she put the Fleshlight over my penis and fucked me with it. I remain stuck.

She took it off and tried some more with her hand. It became clear we weren’t going any further. She stopped and we snuggled and enjoyed a touching one another. I don’t think the toy had anything to do with my problem. It’s just something that happens. It could be that my excitement of trying something new got in the way, or it could just be that the moon was in the wrong phase.

We both agreed that this new toy had a place in my sex life. Another Fleshlight is coming on Saturday. This one has a bumpy interior and is supposed to be the most intense stimulator they make.

By the way, the model we used on Monday night was labeled “narrow”. The canal is considerably narrower than the standard model. This was to provide more intense stimulation. The new one also has a narrower-than-normal canal.

Maybe this positive experience will inspire Mrs. Lion to look for other male toys. I honestly have no idea what’s out there. If you’re wondering why we would expend the energy and money for a toy designed to arouse and potentially get me off when we are in a male chastity relationship, it’s simply because sexual stimulation is a nearly-daily activity I get to enjoy. Just because I don’t get to ejaculate doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion ignores my penis.

I’m convinced that this very frequent teasing is instrumental in the conditioning I’ve received. Sex for me isn’t a desert. I think I’m more active sexually now than I was before we started this. However, sex for me does not assure ejaculation. Currently, I can look forward to ejaculating about once a week. I can look forward to almost ejaculating every day, more than once.

Frequent visits to the Fleshlight are probably in my future. Ejaculations inside it are likely to be exceedingly rare. I’m fine with that, of course. It feels really good, perhaps good enough that Mrs. Lion should name it. I guess I have a new girlfriend.


  1. My Mistress bought me one for Christmas two years ago and when She unlocks Her toy it has come into the play. We enjoy it a lot,

    1. Author

      That’s really good to hear. I’ve only had one experience so far and it was very good. Apparently, it takes a bit of work to figure out the right amount of lube as well as position and stroking speed. I’m not allowed to control that. It’s too close to masturbation, which is forbidden. Mrs. Lion, however, is a very quick learner. We are receiving a second flesh light on Saturday. This one is the Stamina Training Unit. It is supposed to be the most intense stimulation offered by the company. I have to admit that this product is amazing and I’m tempted to ask Mrs. Lion to name them.

  2. First time we used ours was like you using too much lub, next time I was blindfolded again and the wife warmed it in warm water for a while – wow. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. I’m just sad I didn’t discover them before

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