Two Intense Flavors Of Edging

horny lion
Please don’t stop!

Saturday night I asked Mrs. Lion if we could snuggle. She agreed and after we snuggled a while her hands found their way between my legs. Without too much effort on her part, I was fully erect. It feels so good when she massages my penis. She knows just how to find the “good” spots.

It took her a while, but eventually she got me very close to an orgasm. I wasn’t so close that there was any danger of an accident. But it was close enough to make me wonder if she might take it all the way. She didn’t. She waited a bit tickling my balls, and then started all over again. She got me pretty close and stopped. Then she informed me that it wasn’t my night.

This was the most normal session we’ve had since my surgery. I’m very happy she didn’t let me come. I think it’s time to build up my sensitivity again. Saturday night she used her classic form of edging. Mrs. Lion has more than one in her bag of tricks. I’ve discovered that there are a couple of flavors of edging, at least for me.

There was the kind I experienced on Saturday night. That’s when there is a nice, slow buildup of excitement that almost convinces me I’m going to make it over the top. This is the classic format we followed almost all of the last five years. I like it; obviously. If Mrs. Lion repeats it several times (at least three or four I’ve discovered), I’m left strongly hoping that I will be able to ejaculate. If she does it less than that, I’m left excited but not really longing for release.

The other flavor is fairly new. Mrs. Lion started doing it once she realized I am okay with getting a ruined orgasm. This technique involves using her classic hand job to get me close, just like in the first type. The difference is that instead of waiting until my excitement subsides, she gives bursts of short fast strokes over my sensitive spot, pausing a few seconds between bursts. I feel myself getting closer and closer to the point of no return.

lion being edged
This is type II edging. Mrs. Lion keeps her hand over my sensitive spot and moves it quickly in short bursts. It’s very intense!
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When she senses I am almost there, she’ll stop stimulating near the head. She’ll let me calm down just a little. Then, another small group of short fast strokes. Once more, I’m sure it’s going to be too late. But it isn’t. She waits a few seconds and give me one or two short bursts. I’m right on the knife’s edge of a ruined orgasm. She waits a little bit and repeats.

She’s gotten very good at this, though about half the time I end up with a ruined orgasm. Let’s face it, she’s really playing with fire. I think that with experience she will be able to reliably perform this edging without pushing me too far.

When she’s done, I’m hoping in my heart of hearts that she is going to give me release. I may not have had a ruined orgasm, or for that matter, a full one, but all I can think about is getting there. Her hand stays at the base of my penis. I desperately try to hump my way over the top. Of course I can’t. She lets her hand ride up and down with my body providing no stimulation.

Then she will let go and wait a bit. Finally, she’ll move over and briefly suck me. She doesn’t do it enough to give me a sense that I’m going to get relief. But she does do it enough to remind me who owns my sexual pleasure.

Before she can get to the second, more intense form of edging, she has to get me all the way into the first. Up until now I just simply haven’t been able to do it. The times she let me ejaculate since my surgery, there was almost no plateau between arousal and orgasm. Saturday night was the first time my classic response showed itself.

This means that my sexual physical therapy is working. Now, if she wants, she can begin with phase 2 edging. Hopefully, we can avoid a ruined orgasm for a while. I think that the practice I need requires that I stay maximally frustrated for days before I get sweet relief.

For the record, I produced some precum on Saturday night. It didn’t show up while she was masturbating me, but dripped out after I got soft. That’s significant. It means that the connections are returning between my brain and my sex organs.

I have to admit that I never realized there was more than one kind of edging. Mrs. Lion’s discovery has added a new twist to an old story. I like it a lot. It was very easy to accept phase 1 edging, even for many days on end. It’s very difficult to accept even two days of phase 2. I think that’s the way it should be.