Mrs. Lion Goes Shopping

Lion's new Fleshlight
This is the Fleshlight Mrs. Lion wanted me to order. It looks intriguing to me.

If you read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, she’s getting proactive in the toy department. It is the first time she located a toy to be used on me. She suggested the Fleshlight. This toy looks like a large flashlight with an opening where the bulb would be. It’s available with a vagina-shaped opening, an anus, or a mouth.

She wasn’t sure what the device was called, but I recognized it from her description. I said I could order one. She agreed. So I placed an order for the “Stamina Trainer” vagina model. I have no idea why this particular model is supposed to train for stamina. It appeared to me to be the only one that looked like the classic Fleshlight I’ve seen on various websites over the years.

I have no idea if this toy will provide more intense stimulation than Mrs. Lion’s left hand or mouth. At worst, it will give her another tool to stimulate me. The entire category of male sex toys are referred to as “masturbators”. They all seem to be simulated orifices, both female and male. Of course, classic vibrators, which are generally considered female sex toys, are just as useful in getting men off.

I applaud Mrs. Lion’s imagination. Her proactive approach to lion physical therapy is laudable. Perhaps we’ve turned a new corner. I certainly hope so. I’m not complaining. Mrs. Lion has been a diligent, sensitive sex partner. Even though sex is only for me, she constantly tries to make it as much fun as possible.

Fleshlight in action
Fleshlight in action.

The Fleshlight adds a new element: surprise. I had no idea we would end up acquiring this device. Now sex might be hand, mouth, Magic Wand, and now Fleshlight. That’s cool!

It doesn’t really matter whether the new device is better than any of our tried-and-true sexual techniques. It’s just wonderful that there will be something new. I don’t want to claim this is the beginning of a trend (though I hope it is). There isn’t all that much variety out there in male sex toys; at least I don’t think so.

I’m very happy that I’m not the only one discovering new possibilities. It feels wonderful that Mrs. Lion is taking time and energy to seek out new ways to play with me. It’s an extension of her sexual control.

I’m fully aware that I’m not allowed to use anything, including my hand, on my penis. But I have always been allowed to locate and purchase toys for Mrs. Lion’s use. I like it much better that she is doing her own shopping.

I’ve always felt that I had to do this research. If she’s doing it things will get much more entertaining here. It’s exciting just to think about her next shopping selection.