Alternate Punishments

Lion's punishment stool
Lion’s punishment stool. It has a rough, coconut fiber doormat attached to the seat. The sharp fibers dig into his sensitive skin.

I did way too much with my arm yesterday. I was hurting a lot by the time I made it home. Today I’m being a lot more aware of what I’m doing and I’m hoping that will help me not be in so much pain. Lion wants me to go to the doctor but I’m sure it’s just a strain and there isn’t much that can be done other than rest.

Lion forgot to remind me of punishment day yesterday. He thought he had. He remembered. He just forgot to tell me he remembered. This morning he said I’ll have to use my other arm to spank him. I think it will force me to come up with a more creative punishment. What came to mind first was Icy Hot on his balls and then a seat on the punishment stool. Burning balls being poked by coconut husks seems very painful. I bet if I keep brainstorming I can come up with even more “fun” ways to make his life hell for a little while.

lion's balls on rough punishment stool.
The rough, coconut fibers of the punishment stool dig into Lion’s tender, burning balls.
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Up to now I’ve only used spanking as punishment. It occurred to me yesterday that I could extend his wait for an orgasm but, as he’s pointed out in the past, he’d first have to know how long his wait was to begin with. I haven’t given him a scheduled orgasm in a long time. And I’ve only extended his wait once. That was only a one day extension so it wasn’t a big deal.

I suppose I could announce that, because he forgot punishment day, he’ll have to wait two weeks for his orgasm. I haven’t made him wait that long in a very long time. I assume he expected an orgasm sooner than two weeks so making him wait that long would seem like a punishment.

I guess I really do have more punishments in my arsenal than I thought. Now I just have to figure out which weapon to use.

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