I was spanked for interrupting. Mrs. Lion got out the “colonial” paddle. We have two: one is bloodwood and the other bubinga. The bubinga paddle is lighter in weight than the very dense bloodwod. She chose the lighter bubinga. The paddle has a small, three-inch diameter head and a long handle. The two combine to give a lot of leverage on a small striking surface. In other words, it hurts like hell.

She had me lie across our bed near the footboard. She began with light swats. That didn’t last long. Her swats came harder and fast. She didn’t give me a rest. It was getting very painful when she stopped and said,

“Now we’re done with warmup.”

She began again. This time harder and faster. I wanted it to stop. My feet were kicking and I was yelping loudly. A couple of times I rolled away on the bed. Each time she told me I was just making it worse. Finally she stopped. My butt was stinging. She said,

“See what I brought upstairs?”

punishment stool
Lion’s punishment stool.

She had my punishment stool in the corner of the bedroom. This stool is covered with rough, coconut welcome mat material. She pointed to it and told me to take a seat. I gingerly lowered myself on the rough material. It really hurt my battered bottom. I sat there trying not to move until Mrs. Lion told me I could get up. The little fibers stuck to my butt and the stool came with me when I started to get up. It fell back and I stood up. It felt like I was still sitting on it even after I got back onto our bed.

A little later, we snuggled. Mrs. Lion started playing with her weenie. I was hard in no time. She edged me over and over again. Each time she brought me a little closer to orgasm. She kept getting me closer and closer to the edge. Finally, she went too far and I had a ruined orgasm. All I could think was that I waited seven days for this! Mrs. Lion smiled and said,

“I meant to do that.”

Gee thanks! I dripped for some time after.

Yesterday morning, she sent me an email asking me.

“A ruined orgasm resets the clock?”

I wrote back that I don’t know. I have been feeling pretty horny, so maybe the ruined orgasm doesn’t reset the clock. She wrote that we would find out later.

I was sure I could come again. The more interesting question is whether another ruined orgasm will make me ready for more the next day? Theoretically, as long as I have stored semen, I should be able to come. My interest should remain high. Maybe Mrs. Lion will find out.

Alas, she didn’t; at least last night. By the time we got to snuggling, I ran out of gas. I just couldn’t get into it. Well, I suppose I  will have another ruined orgasm or two in the very near future.


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  1. We have one like that too. It hurts! For real. I made it from poplar, 3/4″. 4″ round head…
    What ever happened to your idea of a gallery for these ladies to show off their handy work?

    1. Author

      I don’t have any plans for a gallery. The memory stays vicid for some time.

  2. I haven’t had many ruined orgasms in quite some time but my experience with them is that horniness stays pretty high! I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

    1. Author

      I stayed horny too. To make things worse, she’s teasing me mercilessly.

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