lion's penis in locking cock ring
I am locked up again in my Mature Metal locking cock ring. It feels good to wear this symbol of Mrs. Lion’s ownership.
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Sunday night Mrs. Lion teased me, and then at my request, locked me into my Mature Metal locking cock ring. It feels really good to wear it again I wondered if she would put me in the Jail Bird chastity cage. She was concerned that given my current issue with balance that managing peeing through a chastity device could be very difficult for me. I agree; it would be.

flaccid penis
Without a ring behind my balls, my penis extends out normally and peeing is easy.
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I’ve written that wearing this device is kind of a no-cage chastity device. Quite a few people question its value in orgasm control. After all, I can get a full erection while wearing it. Moreover, my erection is out waving in the breeze available for me to jerk off.

The thing is, I’ve been trained not to jerk off. I haven’t made myself come since January 2014. Yes, I’ve given myself an erection now and then, but I’ve never even gotten close to ejaculating. The only practical purpose a chastity device serves for me is to prevent erections. Mrs. Lion doesn’t mind if I have a hard penis now and then.

hard penis in locking cock ring
The ring enhances the feeling of weight when my cock is hard. Just because it’s out in the open doesn’t mean I’m going to jerk off.
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I like the feeling of being hard, particularly with the locking cock ring on. My penis feels heavy and alive. I can feel it straining against the ring which, when I’m hard, provides pressure on the base of my cock.

As you can see in the picture of my soft penis, the ring does couple of things that challenge me in the bathroom. Like my chastity device, the base ring forces my balls out and away from my body. The cock ring lifts my penis. Peeing requires that I get my soft cock away from my balls and aimed downward into the bowl.

This is exactly the same problem the chastity device creates. Of course, the chastity device adds the complication of bars over the head of the penis that can easily get in the way of a urine stream and cause an unfortunate spray.

I think that the most difficult adaptation I had to make when wearing a chastity device was how to deal with my every-day bathroom needs. Some guys sit to pee. That partially eliminates the spray problem. However, even when sitting, if a bar gets in the way, the spray will provide a urine shower to the balls.

lion's penis in jail bird chastity device
This is my Jail Bird chastity device. Note how my penis rides on top of my balls just as it does with the locking cock ring. As long as my urethra stays away from the bars, peeing is no more difficult than with the cock ring.
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Mind you, I’m not complaining. I’ve been wild a great deal of the time recently and I miss the steel reminder of who owns my weenie. That’s not to say that I forget I belong to Mrs. Lion. I don’t. But it’s really nice to have that concrete reminder: the stainless steel wedding band around my genitals.

I know that most people think about locking devices on penises as pure kink. Certainly it is kinky. But that doesn’t mean wearing one can’t have deeper, more-significant meaning.

If I am trained never to masturbate, there is no longer any reason for me to wear a chastity device. That’s true only if the main purpose of wearing a device is to control my ability to ejaculate.

In the beginning, I asked to be locked up because it was exciting to physically transfer control of my ability to orgasm. I really like bondage. A chastity device is 24/7 bondage. How cool is that!

I can’t claim that I would have stopped masturbating if I weren’t locked in a device. I think I might’ve cheated every now and then. The device made that impossible. I have no idea how long it took to condition me so that I can’t even imagine getting myself off. But over the years, it happened.

Mrs. Lion wisely never permitted me to jerk off as a way of giving me an orgasm. I know a lot of guys are allowed to do this with permission. I’ve never had permission and don’t expect I ever will. This absolute consistency assures my training sticks.

So now it’s as safe to keep me wild or locked in my cock ring as it is to keep me locked in the Jail Bird. It’s not a matter of trust. It’s the result of years of conditioning. I’m completely capable of getting myself hard and excited. I have no desire to do more than that. My only sexual outlet is Mrs. Lion.

I suppose she could train me to never get myself hard as well. Of course, my body gives me erections every now and then. She could keep me locked in the Jail Bird and effectively prevent me from any manual stimulation. So far, she hasn’t, and I’m glad. The net effect of arousal, for me at least, is that I’m hornier and much more anxious for her to provide me with relief.

It used to be an odd feeling when I thought about the fact that I can’t masturbate. After all, I had been doing it since I was 11 years old. Now, it doesn’t feel odd at all. It’s just the way things are. Some days I wish I could get off; but I can’t. I don’t feel sorry for myself. I’m amazingly lucky. Mrs. Lion makes sure I’m sexually aroused almost every single day.

Enforced chastity has taught me that ejaculation isn’t necessarily the best thing about sex. Granted, I definitely love to ejaculate. I get massively frustrated when I can’t. But when I think about it, I realize that the trip is more often than not much more fun than the destination. My lioness pays a lot of attention to my penis. She enjoys making it hard and dripping precum. I like it too, of course.

The locking cock ring and Jail Bird chastity device are symbols of my surrender and Mrs. Lion’s control of my sexuality. After spending time wild, I realize how much I missed something locked on my cock and balls. I’m very happy to be back in harness.