Slippery Lion

Lion came up with an idea the other day. He wanted to try mixing coconut oil with the peppermint or ginger oil we have. He knows how good coconut oil feels as a lube. He wondered how the heat of the other oils would feel. So off we went in search of coconut oil. We stopped at a drug store for something else and decided to look for the coconut oil as well. We found a liquid version of it. Coconut oil is normally solid at room temperature. Having a liquid at room temperature is perfect. There’s no need to warm the oil before play.

Lion mixed up a batch of coconut peppermint ginger oil and I decided to try it out Saturday night. Maybe I didn’t use enough. I didn’t want to get too much warmth on my weenie. It didn’t seem as slippery as I remember coconut oil being when we’ve used it in the past. Lion seemed to like it, though. He was nice and hard. I edged him quite a few times. He hadn’t really felt my touch in a week.

I decided he should have an orgasm. I know, it had only been a week. Yes, but a week with no sexual contact of any kind. Lion wasn’t going to argue. He dutifully spurted at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, he hadn’t felt much heat while I was stroking him. Afterwards, however, he felt the heat. I guess I need to slow my roll, as they say.

Lion certainly wasn’t disappointed. The coconut oil had been slippery enough to satisfy him. I just needed to apply it sooner so the heat was able to build up before the show was over. Lesson learned. There’s a speed limit when using the coconut peppermint ginger oil.

Last night I didn’t use any help. Even though it had been about 24 hours since his orgasm, Lion was raring to go. This time he got oral attention. Too bad it stopped just short time and time again. I bet he could have come again if I’d let him. But I didn’t. I don’t know when he’ll get his next chance. Probably sooner rather than later if I know me. And I do.