one cheek sized paddle
Lion is getting a wooden visit tonight. He’s owed some punishments.
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I know I’ve only put it on Lion twice now and taken it off twice, but I’m already tired of fiddling with the locking cock ring. It’s very finicky when it comes to lining the hole up to put the security screw in. With the cage, it’s obvious which way it goes on. Since the ring is just a ring, it can go on either way. Except it can’t. There’s only one correct way and it’s not evident which way that is. And then I have to mess around with the threads on the screw.

Swat a Lion. Jerk him off. Lock him up. Such a rough life I have.

my hard penis in locking cock ring
The cock ring is hard to install particularly when not centered.
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Maybe it’s a good argument for playing with Lion while he’s in the ring. If I don’t take him out, I don’t have to put him back in. Too bad I don’t really like playing with him in the ring. Maybe it’s just a matter of doing it over and over again. Maybe it will slowly sink into my thick head which way the ring goes on so all I have to do is mess with the threads. And maybe the threads will ease up after a while.

I know. I know. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Lion isn’t the only one who can whine. Actually, I’m attempting to give good feedback about the locking cock ring even if I am whining about it. Poor me. I have such a rough life. Swat a Lion. Jerk him off. Lock him up. Such a rough life.

We just had five wonderful days together. We didn’t really do much. I did manage to get Lion mostly hair-free. I’m sure there are stragglers I missed. There always are. Even with my glasses on and lots of light. I also gave Lion a Christmas eve orgasm.

I’ll probably unlock him tonight and edge him. And then I’ll wrestle the screw back in there to lock him away again. I’ve been nicer to Lion than I should have been when it comes to punishment. I owe him. This morning he spilled something on the comforter. He did it the other day too and I let it go because he wasn’t feeling well. Actually, I forgot, but then he wasn’t feeling well. So I owe him for a few things. Poor Lion butt.

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  1. My Queen and I have exactly the same complaint about the Mature Metal Queen’s Keep device. For a very expensive device, we think the design of the locking mechanism is extremely poor. I have suggested to the manufacturer that she uses a locking mechanism like that for the HT2 & HT3. slave-robert

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