lion's penis in double cock ring
My new Mature Metal double locking cock ring. It uses the same security screw as the Jail Bird chastity device.
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One important advantage of wearing a chastity device is that it provides a 24/7 reminder of the sexual power exchange. As long as that device is locked on your penis, there is no mistaking the fact that orgasm, even erection is impossible without your keyholder unlocking your cage.

Over the last few months, Mrs. Lion has let me run wild (no chastity device). The reason had to do with my healing from shoulder surgery and then inertia. Being wild didn’t affect our power exchange. I’m trained to keep my hands off her penis. But for me, at least, it felt like something was missing.

It’s true I got teased almost every night. Our sexual routine, including play, didn’t change. But for me it just felt different. I didn’t feel as controlled. I figured it was because I wasn’t wearing a chastity device. I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up again. After a week or two, I was uncomfortable. The cage was pinching and peeing was difficult.

This, of course, was no different from how it felt over the years I wore the cage 24/7, but now my patience had worn thin. I asked to be unlocked. I realized that my problem had to do with feeling my lioness’ control all the time. Yes, I’m trained and do what I’ve been taught, but I didn’t feel her the way I did when wearing the chastity device.

I thought about collars. We had tried them in the past. We never found one that didn’t irritate my skin. Also, we couldn’t come up with a “day” collar I could wear when out and about. The chastity device was a perfect collar. It only needs to come off for occasional cleaning and for travel. I am constantly aware it is hanging between my legs. Mrs. Lion sees it and knows she is the only one who can remove it.

cock ring on lion
A standard cock ring on my cock and balls.
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That’s what got me thinking about a cock ring. I tried a standard cock ring (image left). It goes around balls and cock. It pushes the balls forward and applies a little squeeze on the penis when hard that tends to slow loss of an erection.

There’s one big problem with a standard cock ring: I can simply slip it off. Mrs. Lion doesn’t control whether or not I wear it. From my perspective, that just won’t work.

I like the idea of a cock ring, especially if it locks on. It would have the same symbolic value as a chastity cage. It’s a piece of hardware that locks over my cock and balls that I can’t remove on my own. It’s a concrete, unmistakable symbol of Mrs. Lion’s ownership.

my hard penis in locking cock ring
My double locking cock ring. This is my first Mature Metal product that allows me to get a full erection, as you can see.
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It turns out that Mature Metal, the company who makes the Jail Bird chastity device I wore all those years, also makes a locking cock ring. The locking mechanism is identical to the one used with their chastity devices. The base ring size is the same as my Jail Bird, 1-3/4 inch diameter. The cock ring is one size (1/8th inch) wider than my cage: 1-3/8 inches in diameter. The device is designed to permit and help sustain a full erection. Mrs. Lion had no problem getting me hard and the ring did its job keeping me that way as you can see.

I’m trained not to play with Mrs. Lion’s weenie, so having the ability to get hard is strictly a convenience for her. Even though the device is new, I’m finding it very comfortable and wearing it gives me the same sense of security I got with the Jail Bird.

As I’ve written before, real life enforced chastity and FLR aren’t constantly exciting circuses of sexual activity. There are long periods of normal, day-to-day life. Wearing a device, whether a collar, chastity cage, or in my case a locking cock ring, keeps the power exchange alive 24/7. I think this new addition will do a lot for me.


  1. Looks pretty cool. I may invest in one at some point. It could be an alternative to going free. Particularly as my Queen could utilize Angus whenever she desired.

    1. Author

      It feels a lot like the Jailbird until I reach down and notice there is a penis I can touch. Mrs. Lion isn’t too sure how much she likes it on when she plays with me.

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