Go Figure

Sex hasn’t been on my mind much lately. I’m not sure if there is a reason for this or if it’s just biological. We’ve both been snoozing more than usual. Much of the weekend was spent in bed either napping or watching TV. With both of us naked, you’d think other things would cross our minds. Mrs. Lion had written that we would go down to the dungeon and use the sling. That didn’t happen. She said she would do it if I wanted, but I didn’t really feel like it.

There’s nothing wrong with this beyond making my posts less exciting. Sooner or later one of us will be sufficiently motivated to start playing again. I suspect Mrs. Lion may take the lion by the uh, you know, and start something modest in the bedroom. She’s an expert in jump starting me. Essentially, it will hurt until I like it. That approach is tried and true.

It probably depends on her energy level. She’s been sleeping a little better lately and judging by this weekend, she’s paid back a lot of her sleep deficit. Typically,  she emerges from her evening shower with a tub of “Boy Butter” in one hand and a butt plug in the other. That’s my signal to roll over. An hour or two with the plug in place is followed by some manual attention in front. This technique doesn’t always work the first time, but after a few days of this, my motor is running smoothly again.

I wonder at the success she has with this process. Of all the BDSM activities we do, anal penetration is my least favorite. Intellectually, I believe that I should be able to accept pegging with a large dildo. So far, I haven’t. Bondage and spanking (the play variety) are my favorites. Apparently, my preferences don’t govern how my penis will react. If that were the case, anal penetration would stop my motor cold. It doesn’t.

The concept of “liking” a BDSM activity appears to have nothing to do with enjoying it. Most are painful, or at the least, uncomfortable. I don’t get off from pain. But I do get turned on by accepting it. I suppose that’s why it’s called kink. There are no straight lines in sight.


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