Women Seem To Be Pegging’s Biggest Fans

It seems that female bloggers, not to mention women’s magazines have a fascination with the male anus. I haven’t done a statistical analysis but my impression is that women writers, both vanilla and kinky, like to talk about pegging. This term refers to using a dildo in a man’s ass for anal sex. Generally, this involves the woman wearing the dildo in a strap-on harness. However, this isn’t required.

Vanilla publications like “Cosmopolitan” refer to pegging as a form of sex play. They don’t ascribe any female dominance to this activity. Many men and some dominant women consider pegging a form of submission for the male. I don’t. After all, I never considered anal sex when my penis did the penetrating as a dominant act. It was just a nice sexual variation.

Of course, when I was doing the fucking, it would end in me having an orgasm. Some of my female partners also came when anally penetrated. If a woman pegs a man and wears a harness, if it is positioned correctly, the dildo will stimulate her clitoris as she fucks her male partner. This can result in a nice orgasm for her.

Most men don’t ejaculate as a result of anal penetration. Some will ejaculate if their partners reach around and masturbate them while they are being pegged. I have never been able to sustain an erection during anal penetration. I suppose I could learn to do it if Mrs. Lion decides to spend more backdoor time with me.

Pegging and other male anal play can be uncomfortable at first. I’ve found that once I “get used” to having something up my ass it can feel good. When we had regular anal play, I grew to enjoy Mrs. Lion visiting me back there. More recently, Mrs. Lion will insert a butt plug and leave it in for a couple of hours. That is a nice warm-up for more active play in the future.

I learned that the best way to “train” for pegging is having a butt plug moved in and out. The change in the shape of the butt plug forces the anus to expand and contract. “Fucking” with the plug helps train the anus to relax and accept the insertion. Getting that anal relaxation is more than half the battle in terms of learning to enjoy being pegged.

Like most everything else, consistency is important in anal education. It takes time to train the muscles to relax for sexual fun. Practice sessions with increasingly larger butt plugs two or three times a week will work wonders to make anal play feel good. When Mrs. Lion was consistently doing this with me, I began to look forward to our practice sessions. I was convinced I would enjoy being pegged.

Mrs. Lion had expressed an interest in pegging me. She didn’t plan to wear a strap-on. She was going to hold the dildo in her hand to fuck me. I wanted to help her. I’m not sure why she stopped training me. I hope she will want to try again. I can’t explain why I do. I don’t think it is because it makes me feel submissive. I have lots of other cues for that. It may be that I like the idea of Mrs. Lion having sex with me in a way that doesn’t get me off. Maybe it is a sort of substitute for the orgasms she no longer wants me to give her. I just don’t know.

It could be curiosity. I wonder if I can actually learn to enjoy anal penetration. Can I actually seek out pegging? I don’t know. This isn’t a major obsession. I only occasionally consider it. Generally, it comes up when I read yet another post or article a woman writes on this subject.


  1. if pegged properly meaning the prostrate is stimulated it can cause you to cum without touching of the penis. that has happened to me a few times but not always. i do enjoy anal

    1. Author

      There really isn’t a prostate orgasm/ejaculation. Stimulating the prostate without sexual stimulation will produce a few drops of clear liquid. Urologists do this regularly. Semen is only emitted if the man has an orgasm. Some can do this with anal play.

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