Weenie Van Winkle

We didn’t play yesterday either. I started the laundry, went into the bedroom where Lion was watching TV and played a bit on my iPad. Lion snoozed off and on. He asked if I wanted the heat turned on downstairs so we could play and then went back to snoozing. I was tired and cold so I climbed under the covers too. A long while later, Lion said he turned the heater off since I was sleeping. I only took a nap because he’d been snoozing. He said he hadn’t been sleeping. I guess it was the dog doing a ventriloquism act using Lion as her dummy. She was very convincing!

After I made dinner, washed the dishes, finished the laundry and took a shower, Lion said he was available for snuggling whenever I was. When I moved over to snuggle and started to play with my weenie, he said he wasn’t horny and apologized. It’s not a big deal. Snuggling is nice without anything else.

Just before bed, Lion said we’d wasted the whole weekend. He didn’t get to have any fun. First, it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part. I attempted to resuscitate the weenie a few times without success. Second, did he think my making breakfast, feeding the animals, doing the laundry, making dinner and cleaning up after it was fun for me? Third, weekends are usually for catching up on all sorts of things that don’t get done during the week. He can have fun tonight or tomorrow night or whenever Mr. Weenie wakes up.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe Mr. Weenie is reacting to fall by going into a modified hibernation. Weenie Van Winkle. I hope he doesn’t sleep for that long. Perhaps I can jump start him by bringing out the Icy Hot. The threat of a small dot of Icy Hot on the tip of his penis might be enough to arouse him. Maybe a stripe down the bottom of the shaft. Putting it on his balls wouldn’t be fair. It’s not their fault he isn’t responding.

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