Lazy Vacation Saturday

It’s Saturday here at the seaside. Days start out cloudy with a little rain. As the day goes on, the sky slowly clears. This is typical of the Pacific coast. As an East Coast lion, I’m used to the winds blowing from the west which makes the shore warm and sunny. Here, the west wind comes off the ocean carrying cool air and clouds.

We’ve been spending our mornings in the camper watching TV. Mrs. Lion isn’t sleeping well and doesn’t seem inclined to play. This is our normal pattern when we vacation. I’m not complaining. I’ve been tired too. Since I got that reward orgasm on Thursday night, I haven’t been particularly horny. No harm, no foul.

We’re enjoying the local area. It’s fun to be by the sea. I also have a feeling of suspense. You know, in the movie when the girl wades into the calm sea. Any second, Jaws will devour her. We wait with an increasing sense of dread.

Mrs. Lion has a very large variety of lion torture items with her. She has a duffel filled with paddles, rope, clothespins, anal insertables, and other unknown-to-me pain provoking toys. I never know when she might decide to burrow into her larder and come out with an unexpected surprise for me.

As of now, I’m happy to be vanilla. I’m looking forward to some New England clam chowder at a local eatery. It’s one of the best chowders I’ve ever eaten. I also hope we can go down the tourist street here and get some chocolate salt-water taffy. Ok, my ambitions are minor; but this is, after all, vacation.

Anyway, it’s still early in the day. We’ll be going to soon for some chowder, I hope. I have no idea what the afternoon and evening will bring. With a little patience, we’ll both find out.

(Saturday 10:30 pm) The day passed quietly. We did some explorations in a neighboring state. We like prowling around to see what might be fun or good to eat. While driving, Mrs. Lion told me that she forgot to let me know that I have to wear a diaper while in the trailer. I groaned.

When we got back, she told me to put a diaper on. She said I have to wear it after I pee until I need to pee again. Then I can pee in the new one. A little later she told me that I can change the wet diaper after I pee. I’m thankful for small things. I don’t want to be diapered; not even a little.

But then, nobody asked me.

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