Good Boy Edging?

It occurred to me this morning that if Lion gets orgasms depending on how good he is, should he also only get edged when he’s good? It could actually be more of a punishment than a reward.

Lion has said it makes no sense for him to get an orgasm on the same night as a punishment. Can that be extended to edgin? Of course it can! Because I said so. If I say so. I’m just thinking out loud here. Well, writing out loud.

If it works the way Lion has proposed orgasms, then he would technically only get edged on nights he gets orgasms. I think it would be more effective if it was used as punishment. It wouldn’t be for something he already has rules for. It would have to be minor things.

Let’s take the example of our kitchen. It’s somewhat small. When two people are in it, it’s annoying. Not the you-just-interrupted-me annoying, but when I’m trying to do something in the kitchen and Lion is in there, he tends to be right where I need to be. He’ll move away from the stove but then I need to get to the fridge. Or he’ll decide he just has to, has to, right that second, open a package on the counter when I need to get to a cabinet. Annoying but not annoying. Could that lose him edging for the night? Possibly. He would have to get a warning first. He says he has no idea when he’s in my way.

I think it’s an interesting possibility. I don’t know how Lion will feel about it. I’m not even sure how I feel about it. I’m still grappling with the good boy orgasms. This is just an idea I had this morning. Not all ideas are worth pursuing. It’s true, Lion. I do like an experiment. I’m not sure if this is an experiment worth doing. More thought is required.

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