Diabolical Mrs. Lion

Monday night, after edging me several times and leaving me a horny mess, Mrs. Lion sat down and wrote her post for Tuesday. She is going to make me wear a diaper all of the time when we aren’t working. That means that from Friday when I come home from work until Monday when I dress to go to work, I will be in diapers. If we have a holiday off, it’s the same. Ok, we did do this before. I even suggested it. It seemed like a private humiliation that I admit, turned me on.

After a while, it stopped being fun, but I had to keep going. It was still effective. I wrote about that yesterday. We stopped doing it last summer because I was getting very hot and sweaty at night and it made sleep difficult. I was very happy when we stopped. Now I am back in diapers; this time with a twist.

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This time though, it is different, very different. In the past, each time I peed I could change the diaper. So, while it was too warm and felt humiliating, I was always in a dry diaper. Apparently, Mrs. Lion feels that was too easy for me. So this time I will be in wet diapers almost all the time.

She wrote a set of rules. One of them:

“Lion may change the diaper when it becomes saturated but before it leaks.”

clearly indicates that I am to be in a wet diaper. There is room for a bit of interpretation though. Does that rule mean that after I pee, whether the first, second, or third time in a diaper, do I change it after the pee that seems like the most the diaper can hold? If so, I am in a dry diaper until the next time I have to go. Or, does it mean that if the diaper is saturated and I need to pee again, do I change the diaper before peeing? If that is the case, the only time I am in a dry diaper is the first time I put one on for the weekend. I suspect the latter is her intention. I asked Mrs. Lion and she will allow me to change when the diaper is saturated, so depending on when I am aware of this, I will either change it just after or just before a pee. I’m sure you know what I prefer.

Yesterday, I wrote how pushing something past where I want it for fun is a good way to demonstrate control. I used a punishment as an example. But the very smart Mrs. Lion realized that she can be even more effective by bringing back my old rule with a truly diabolical twist. I am very sure I will not like spending my time in a wet diaper. I should count myself lucky that at least she will let me out if I get diaper rash. I wonder if she will change me or if I have to change myself.

There is more coming. She mentioned that in her post as well. It could be that when not in a diaper I will be in panties. At least they will be dry.