Just for the Heck of It

I know Lion doesn’t think about sex all the time. Just most of the time. I imagine, from his posts, the conversations in his head must go something like this: Maybe tonight we’ll play. Maybe tonight I’ll finally get that orgasm. Maybe tonight.

Obviously he thinks about sex more than I do. Of course, I rarely think about sex for myself. But I do think about sex for Lion. And playing with him. That’s why I had my brilliant idea of tying edging to his behavior. Lion seems to be opposed to this idea. Oh well. It wasn’t a done deal. I just offered it up as a suggestion.

I don’t know if it’s just me or if Lion hasn’t been exactly trying to be a good boy, but I haven’t seen any reason to reward him with an orgasm. It’s not that he’s been bad. He just hasn’t done anything like putting food in the camper or washing sheets. Nothing above being a normally well-behaved Lion. But he’s still on the hunt for sex. For play.

He often points out that we don’t play while we’re away. In general, the reason for this is that we’re of exploring during the day. We don’t sleep well. We’re tired. Lion often snoozes in the evening so he has energy later. I don’t normally snooze in the evening. But I’ve been trying to make sure Lion gets attention.

So, if he hasn’t done anything particularly good, why would I give him an orgasm? Especially when it’s only been a few days since the last one. It’s the same reason it always is. Because I can. If I have to wait for him to do something over-the-top good, he may be waiting for a while. Again, it’s not that he’s been bad. He just hasn’t been overly good.

I think this is the reason I’m not sold on the reward orgasms. What does Lion have to do to earn one? Sure, he might have earned one for getting the camper ready, but how often does that happen? This is our last trip of the season. Will he have to wait till next July for his next orgasm? Of course not.

Just to be clear, I’m not opposed to giving Lion a reward orgasm when he does do something wonderful. However, I think he’ll be better off if we continue the way we’ve been doing it. And I can give him a random orgasm even if it has only been two days since the last one.

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