Another Spanking

hotel sign
Another vacation destination bites the dust! It gets harder and harder to find places to go on vacation.

The air quality here continues to be horrible. Relief is predicted for tomorrow. In the meantime I’ve been working from home. Monday night (punishment night), I was spanked again. I had forgotten to thank Mrs. Lion for beating me on Thursday. I didn’t forget this time. I was very uninterested in being spanked.

In fact, I had forgotten about it. Mrs. Lion didn’t. She told me to lie across the foot of the bed. I groaned softly. She used her big wooden spoon. As spanking tools go in our house, that spoon hurts but it isn’t in the top five meanest paddles. That turned out not to matter at all. Mrs. Lion is extremely strong and I was yelping in no time. I almost rolled away. I caught myself in the nick of time. It could have been worse, much worse, but Mrs. Lion took mercy on me. She stopped and commented that my butt was nice and red. I guessed that on my own Though, maybe next time she can take a picture for you.

We’re a little more than a week away from our Labor Day trip. We’re dragging the camper to the beach. We stay at a RV park on the ocean. Given the smoke from wild fires polluting our air, the ocean breeze will be a welcome change. I’m ready to go now!

I hope we will do some playing while we are on vacation. We do have those under-used, under-bed restraints in the camper. We moved our big bag of toys out of the trailer when we thought it would have to go in for service. Now, we need to remember to return it.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated a lot of toys. It’s become helpful when we want a collection in more than one location. It also means that Mrs. Lion has a lot of opportunities to find new ways to get me. We’re both looking forward to our time away.

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