Gasping for Air

The air quality was supposed to get better by this afternoon but right now I can only see about the length of a football field from my office window. Yesterday I read breathing in Seattle was the equivalent of smoking seven cigarettes. I have a headache from it.

Last night I was hot and probably bothered by the smoke more than I realized at the time. We watched TV and Lion asked if I was feeling OK. My stomach was a little off but not too bad. He was reacting, I assume, to the fact that we weren’t snuggling. I usually find it somewhat difficult to snuggle while watching TV. I need to look back over my shoulder and my neck hurts after a short time.

As long as my head isn’t bothered by the smoke we can have more interaction tonight. Assuming Lion is doing OK as well. The smoke is bothering him too. I also need to vacuum the bedroom to get rid of dog dander. Poor Lion is allergic to so many things.

One of the things he’s not allergic to is playing. He took his last punishment like a trooper. He wiggled a bit but didn’t roll away. I don’t think I was hitting all that hard, but it still takes a lot not to move out of the way of an oncoming paddle. Even if you asked for it.

I might break out the Magic Wand tonight just to get things started. It should get his motor running if he’s not necessarily horny. It definitely is magic. I can also revisit the blindfold with or without the Magic Wand. But the most important thing is to snuggle. From there many things are possible.