Quiet Time

Monday was quiet. I wasn’t feeling all that great. Not sleeping well does that to me. I finally remembered to take Benedryl an hour or so before I wanted to fall asleep. Not only does it help with my sinuses, which have been under attack from the smoke, but it also helps me sleep. So far, so good.

Lion pointed out a few spots I’d missed on my waxing missions. I told him I’m sure there are more. I’m a newbie. I also don’t have a system yet to figure out where I’ve waxed and where I haven’t. You’d think it would be easy since I should be able to see the remaining hair. Sunday, I could see hair when I stood on one side of Lion. When I moved to the other side it was invisible. I think he has a lot of hair like that.

We have a goose neck floor lamp in the living room that I’ll need to move downstairs next time I wax him. We have excellent general lighting but, obviously, I need a spot light to find those pesky invisible hairs. I’ll get you, my pretty!

I also gave Lion his punishment swats for not thanking me for his last punishment. I didn’t do any add-ons like mouth soaping or corner time. I just whacked his buns till they were nice and rosy and left it at that. He did remember to thank me this time around. Good boy!