(Monday) Here in the Northwest, the sun at noon is sunset orange. It feels like a cloudy day, but no clouds are in sight. The strange light is caused by smoke from Canadian wild fires blowing down over this area. The air quality is poor. I can’t see any smoke, but breathing is a little uncomfortable and my allergies are acting up.  We have to wait until the wind blows from the Pacific which will give us clean air again.

Sunday was the latest waxing session. Mrs. Lion removed my chest, shoulder, back and underarm hair. My arms are the only furry areas left. She has gotten much better in her waxing skills. Raising the massage table so she didn’t have to bend was a big improvement. The pain was minimal. This is the first time I’ve ever had my back, shoulders, and pits hairless.

Now, Mrs. Lion is going to decide if she wants hair to return to any areas. She mentioned that she isn’t sure about my legs staying hairless. I like my Brazilian and my thighs bald, but if she likes hair on the rest of my legs, that’s fine with me. It will take weeks before there is any noticeable regrowth.. She’ll have lots of time to make up her mind. I like my neck and shoulders hairless. It looks much better.  My pits? I don’t know. We’ll see how things end up.

Mondays, if you remember, are punishment days. When I was spanked last Thursday for being a know-it-all, I failed to thank Mrs. Lion for beating me. So, I’m in for another spanking for that. It’s feast or famine around here when it comes to punishment. Clearly, we are in “feast” mode now. I deserve it. I’m not complaining, just observing.

Sunday night, Mrs. Lion played with me. I was blindfolded so I don’t have any details. All I know is she used some very painful clothespins on my balls. She also applied her scratchy Velcro to my penis. Brave lion that I am, I managed to stay erect through this ordeal. Then, she gave me a very nice oral orgasm. It was fun.