no pubic hair
The laser hair removal leaves no stubble, just smooth skin.

We spend some time writing about my pubic hair; well the lack of it. This may seem curious to some. It certainly isn’t a requirement for either enforced male chastity or FLR. In my case, pubic hair has been missing for decades. It all started many years ago when a girlfriend and I decided to try BDSM. We switched for a while, taking turns topping and bottoming. It became clear that bottoming didn’t suit her at all. So, I got the bottom role.

During the time we started dating I kept my nether hair neatly trimmed. She never commented and I didn’t think much about it. After we moved in together I stopped trimming. One Saturday afternoon she had me tied spread-eagle on my back. She walked out of the room and came back with a bowl and washcloth. Without a word, she took a razor from the bowl and removed all of my pubic hair. I was surprised and not very happy about this activity. She paid no attention to my reaction. When she finished, she wiped me off with the wet washcloth. I finally asked her why she did that to me. She replied in a very matter-of-fact voice, “Everyone knows that lions don’t have any pubic hair.”

My witty reply was, “Oh.” From then on, every Saturday she would lead me to the bathroom and keep my genitals and surrounding area completely hairless. She also shaved my ass as well. I asked her how she decided how wide an area she would shave in front. Her reply was to stretch my penis as far as it would pull and then move it in an arc around my body. “That’s how,” she said. She also wanted to remove my underarm hair. I begged her not to do that. So she kept it trimmed very short instead.

When we broke up, I let everything grow back. It stayed that way for about six months. Then I started a relationship with a lesbian couple. I suppose when we started having sex they were a bisexual couple. Tomatoes, potatoes. After a month or so, one of them said she wondered how I would look without pubic hair. I asked her how she knew that lions don’t have pubic hair? She said that everyone knows that. By the way, I’ve had the lion nickname forever. It’s been my online nickname since the 80’s. So, she removed mine and I removed hers. Fair is fair.

Since then, I’ve been hairless down there. I’ve learned to prefer it. In the mid-90’s I decided that if I was going to permanently stay hairless, I might as well find a way to make things easier. So, I hunted till I found a doctor who would deal with it with his laser. It was expensive and hurt a lot, but it worked quite well. Most of the hair has been gone since then. A patch just above the base of my penis grows back. It’s not thick hair, but it is hair. My balls were never completely done. It hurt too much with the laser. I couldn’t afford my perineum or butt.

Mrs. Lion has kept me fur free front and back as long as we have been together. A couple of weeks ago I suggested we try one of the at-home hair removal units that use bright light in the same way the doctor’s laser worked. A laser, after all, is light. After reading a lot of reviews we decided to try it. It’s too soon to know if it will work, but even if it isn’t perfect, it will most likely make maintenance hair removal much less frequent.

It turns out that it is much more comfortable to wear a chastity device if there is no pubic hair. Guys complain that the cages and tubes catch the hair and hurt. I have no such problem. Keeping clean is easier too. There’s no hair to trap smells. When I first lost that hair it was very odd for a male to be hairless down there. Now, manscaping is considered good manners. Suddenly it’s fashionable to be a lion.


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    I shave two or three times a week, I find that stubble gets the skin irritated quicker than when the hair is long, but you’re right about that long hair can get caught, that is not pleasant. I never had pubic hair grown out much as an adult, just after breaking up with my long term girlfriend I grew it for the first time. When I was put in chastity, I had pubic hair, and while it didn’t irritate the skin, it looked not very neat. So off it was with the hair but I found out quickly that it’s best to keep it as neat and clean as possible to avoid the cage roughing up the skin, also it’s a lot easier treating the sore skin with lotion when there is no hair on it. Luckily I barely have problems with ingrown hairs and have never been forced to have the cage off for a few days to have anything heal. I have to give credit here too, the lion looks a lot bigger in that picture than I would have thought from his caged pictures.

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    Well I’m very curious to know about the long term results of this device. I would totally get one for my s if you two thought it was worth it. I’ve heard however, that laser won’t work as effectively on light-colored hair. And Andreas’s comment regarding the stubble causing irritation is appreciated. Perhaps there is a middle-of-the-road length for comfort and pleasure at the same time for those who cannot afford laser treatments.

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      My understanding is that the laser/light hair removal systems will not work on light-colored hair. Before our latest experiment, I used an epilator to remove hair. That way there is no stubble. Waxing is equally effective. When you shave, the blade cuts the hairs at an angle which, as they grow, become little knives causing the stubble discomfort.A very short trim might also work.

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    I got my first male Brazilian wax 16 days ago. At first I was completely smooth, but now I’m beginning to have hairs appear. No nasty stubble like you get from shaving, and the waxing wasn’t any more painful than when you pull off a Band-Aid. It was weird to have an attractive woman handling my junk for 30 minutes, but I somehow managed not to get an erection. She didn’t say anything about the mark I had on my right testicle from a chastity device ring that was too tight. I recommend waxing over shaving, and I prefer to be either hairless or with very short pubic hair when wearing my devices. I have been locked for almost two years now, and it’s been 12 days since my last orgasm. Not sure when the next one is scheduled, but I’ve been told it will be ruined.

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    A big no & the door held wide open on exit to any female presumptuous enough to think that she owned my body & felt entitled to do what she did. Men in the West & Middle East have hair on their bodies. Get used to it ! We sweat & get oily. Get used to it. A visit to the poultry section of an supermarket gives one a fair idea of the attained image of the shaved body. Gross.

    The American porn industry,80’s 90’s, cultivated the pedophiliac image of men & women shaved closer than the skin of new born babies by stripping both of them of their sexuality by the over empathising of the genitalia.
    Hair & sweat, body pheromones became cuss words of the metrosexuals.

    A new image of man as created by woman emerged. Plucked, shaved, perfumed, the foreskin removed, the nails done & varnished, the dick starkly, naked looking like an over enlarged clitoris, the primped physical “type” set the bench mark as the Ideal body. Woman had created a mirror image of herself, with a dick.
    No wonder the birth rate in the developed world is approaching Zero.

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      Sadly, the world population is growing faster than ever. I like not having much body hair and I am unmistakably male.

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