Separation Of Sex And Date

Yesterday was our anniversary. We had a nice dinner for two and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Mrs. Lion will tell you about what actually happened. I want to talk about a change that I believe is important. Mrs. Lion has been thinking about decoupling special events with orgasms for me.

Anniversaries, birthdays (mine), and some holidays include an orgasm as part of the festivities. It makes sense since getting to ejaculate is fun for me. In her post yesterday, Mrs.Lion mentioned that she didn’t necessarily see our anniversary as an occasion that needed to be marked by my semen. She also pointed out that it definitely could be.

In a real way, celebatory orgasms takes control away from her. If we mark my birthday and other celebrations with ejaculations, she loses control of the appropriateness of that emission. She is the final arbiter of when I get to come. I think that part of lioness 3.0 is separating my sexual satisfaction from any external events. I shouldn’t look forward, for example, to a birthday orgasm. I might get one on my birthday, but most likely I won’t.

Divorcing ejaculation from events is the first step, I think, in being able to use them as rewards and withholding them as part of punishments. Sex has always been external to punishments. They might well stay that way. But they can also be part of my disciplinary ecosystem.

At this point that ecosystem is very simple: break a rule and get a spanking. Sometimes the discomfort of the spanking is extended by corner time on the punishment stool. But there are no other consequences beyond that. I’m not complaining. It’s been effective so far.

Lioness 2.0 compartmentalized different aspects of my life. Sex lived in its own world. Teasing, BDSM play, and eventual orgasms are isolated. They are affected by our fatigue, schedule, and general health. But it has no relationship with discipline.

I’ve been happy this partition exists. It limits the consequences of my misdeeds. Sometimes it’s confusing. It’s hard to reconcile a severe beating with an orgasm an hour later. I wonder how I can deserve to ejaculate after being punished.

An argument in favor of letting me come is that once I’ve been punished, all is forgiven and life should go on as though nothing ever happened. I like that idea. It makes punishment a way to wipe the slate clean once and for all.

In that respect, I shouldn’t automatically lose the orgasm because I was punished. But, Mrs. Lion could make withholding orgasms a part of the punishment if she wishes. Additional wait time is a tool that is at her disposal. She can use it as she wishes. By the same token, if I’m told I have to wait at least an additional week, it doesn’t suggest that after that week is up, I get to come. Oh no. It means that there is no way I will come for that week. After it passes, I will continue to wait until Mrs. Lion decides she wants me to ejaculate.

My point is that by removing release from association with holidays and scheduled family events, sex for me is absolutely under Mrs. Lion’s control. Of course, it is anyway, but she has always been good about honoring those special dates.

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  1. Not long after beginning this lifestyle my wife made it clear, if there is one thing I could count on is she will dictate when and how I will ejaculate…. Special days have nothing to do with my cumming….. As for discipline day? I get whomped on and later she gets a massage while watching one of her shows. I can get as excited as I want while my ass hurts and think about when I may get to pleasure her or get relief again .

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