Every Night

Last night, we were watching TV and didn’t start playing until almost 10 pm. Traditionally that’s too late for Lion, although recently we have had some success at that hour. Not last night. I suppose I could have used the Magic Wand or my mouth but I decided we could wait until tonight.

Tonight, Lion is almost certainly going to get some action. It’s our anniversary. Ordinarily I like to do orgasms on important dates such as this. I’m not sure if I’ll continue that tradition. Given last night’s lack of success, I might just make him wait at least another night to build up anticipation. There’s really no rhyme or reason to when he gets an orgasm anyway.

We’ve planned a nice dinner tonight, and we’ll definitely have snuggle time. Where we go from there is up in the air at this point. I won’t rule out the Magic Wand if it’s needed. I also won’t rule out play in addition to edging. That might have been beneficial last night. We shall see.

The most important thing is that Lion doesn’t feel any pressure to get excited. As much as I like that super hard weenie standing straight and tall, I’m a patient person. I’ll keep trying every night until I get it.