Mrs. Lion wonders about how I feel about orgasms on special days; most recently, it was my birthday. Last year, I think, I said that I didn’t expect to come on holidays. There is some logic behind thinking I should get one. After all, for a guy under sexual control, an orgasm is a kind of gift. I think it is always an appropriate present.

The reason I told Mrs. Lion that I did’t expect holiday ejaculations is that I don’t think anything sexual should be expected. Yes, a nice wank or blow job is a great way to celebrate. I wasn’t saying it isn’t. My point was that, like any gift, it shouldn’t be an obligation. If Mrs. Lion wants me to ejaculate, then she can make me. If she doesn’t, just because it is my birthday, it’s no reason to feel obligated to do it.

On Tuesday night, I just didn’t think it would be easy to get me off. That’s all. I didn’t say that I didn’t want to come. I don’t think I have the right to refuse. I wasn’t responding enthusiastically. On any other night, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Mrs. Lion would stop stimulating me or tell me it’s too bad. For some reason the fact that this happens on my birthday makes it different.

Maybe I should learn to expect holiday blow jobs or wanks. It does add a great note of festivity. You know,

“How would you like a nice holiday squirt?”

Words to this effect would certainly be welcome. On Sunday night I wondered why Mrs. Lion made me come. I thought it was odd since I know she likes to get me off on my birthday, which was only a few days a way. I figured she would want me especially needy so that I would appreciate it appropriately. Generally, the three day wait would be enough to make me very enthusiastic about a chance to squirt. In this case, I was very tired. We haven’t been sleeping well and that affects ny sex drive.

I’m not all that enthusiastic about any sort of holiday lately. Neither of us decorates for holidays or makes any sort of preparation. We even give each other gifts when we buy them. We may cook a special dinner on holidays, but that’s it. I’m fine with this, but it creates a bit of an enthusiasm vacuum.

The same is true with sex. At some point in the evening, Mrs. Lion scooches over and we snuggle. She’ll play with her weenie and edge me, or make me come. It’s very nice. We both like it, but it is routine. It’s a pleasant routine but still part of our day.

I’m not suggesting that we stop. I love it and need it. Maybe we need to make orgasms a bit more special. A good way to do it is to talk about it. Ask me earlier in the day if I would like a blow job. Tease me. Build anticipation. I suspect that if Mrs. Lion does this, she might have more fun too. Edging also is way more exciting if I’ve been teased about maybe this might me the one.

It’s not about waiting longer. It’s about anticipating a chance to squirt and then learning this isn’t the day. Similarly, being reminded of a big birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas orgasm, especially when being edged is also a big anticipation builder.

Sex, even a wank, is in the head more than the penis. Male chastity is an emotional game. I may be sorry I reminded Mrs. Lion that it is.