Make Ready the Dungeon

I haven’t seen Lion this intent on getting something done in a long time. We need to get the dungeon cleaned up so we can get our new massage/waxing table set up. Currently it is set up but the dungeon is crowded with a lot of non-dungeon things. We can’t move everything out, but we can make it more “livable”.

The first thing to go will be the spanking bench. We made it years ago. It’s a sort of sawhorse-looking contraption with rests for Lion’s knees and arms. It has eyebolts for affixing wrist and ankle restraints. The pertinent parts are covered in padding and leather. It’s not very pretty but it served its purpose. Now it’s just in the way. Out with the old, as they say.

When we get the spanking bench and some other things out of the way, we can move the waxing table over and I’ll be able to walk all the way around it in my quest to keep Lion hairless. And I’m sure it will be useful, with a few modifications, for other dungeon activities. We’ll wrestle the overbed table we got for Lion’s shoulder surgery recovery downstairs to use for keeping the waxing supplies close at hand. Lion never used the table in his recovery and we were wondering what we’d do with it. It seemed a waste to throw it away. Now we have a use for it.

Lion has told me, several times, that I need to finish waxing him. I only did his balls and ass the first time I tried it. Bending and twisting and not having him in the right position was difficult on my back. For days he’s said he needs his tummy and buns waxed. Keep in mind, it was only last Sunday that I waxed him. I get it. He’s excited about the new activity. But manscaping takes time and is better suited for the weekend. We’ll get to it, my pet.

Now we’re off to clean up the dungeon to get it ready for dirty things.