Sensitivity Training

Thursday night Mrs. Lion instituted a new rule. It represents a significant behavioral change. I can sometimes express an opinion as though it is the only possible solution to a problem. Mrs. Lion hates that. She had been thinking about adding a rule that prohibits that annoying behavior. Ironically, last night at dinner I did exactly that. We were discussing her daughter’s desire to buy a printer. I announced the only possible choice.

Ah ha!

Mrs. Lion said that is exactly what she wants to create a rule against. So, that behavior will earn me punishment going forward. I wonder if I will be punished for breaking that rule. We have another, similar rule against interrupting. I’m sure I interrupt fairly often, yet I almost never get punished for it. Both the new rule and the interrupting rule represent significant change for me. They’re nothing like the no-spilling and waiting-for-Mrs.-Lion-to eat rules.

Maybe we’ve reached the point when Mrs. Lion is comfortable enough with her authority that she can apply the same consistent enforcement for these rules that she has for the spilling and eating first. We both knew from the start that these more trivial rules offered frequent opportunities for punishment. I don’t think either of us expected this enforcement to actually change me.

Mrs. Lion told me that she had been thinking about this new rule for some time. She said that she wasn’t sure how to articulate it. I think it was more about moving her authority into riskier waters. I’m glad she has decided to go forward. Now the hard part begins; she has to observe and enforce it.

I’m not terribly happy about enforcement of these two rules. I question my ability to change. I am also concerned that it will be very difficult for my lioness to consistently enforce them. We both know that if she does, I will change eventually. I think it will be a painful process for her. She has to become more aware of how I affect her and then let me know when I do. That’s significant change for her.

I think the time is right for this to happen. Each infraction will help her learn to feel justified letting me know  when I displease her. Given her progressing spanking skills, I will learn too.


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