Best Purchase!

new massage table
This is the massage table we got. It’s comfy and sturdy enough to hold the lion.

We have an interesting new piece of furniture in the dungeon. We need to clean up a bit more to make room, but the massage table is set up and ready to roll. The stool should come today and we’re thinking of repurposing an overbed table to hold all the accoutrements for waxing. Once we’re all set up, manscaping should be easier.

We’ve also come to the conclusion that the table might come in handy for other activities as well. The spanking bench we made many years ago was never really useful. Even though we measured carefully, it wasn’t comfortable for Lion. We’ll get rid of that and perhaps the table will take its place. I’m sure we can affix restraints to it for play and/or punishment.

The table has very squishy and comfy padding. I bet I could do something to make that a little more uncomfortable if I needed to. Perhaps a different kind of surface on top of the padding. Trust me, there’s always a way to “kinkify” things. A walk through Home Depot might provide ideas.

I wasn’t 100% sure about the massage table. What did we need with one more thing taking up space? We’ll only use it once every few weeks. However, now that it’s found a place in the dungeon, I’m seeing other uses for it. It might be the best purchase we’ve ever made.


  1. We host several parties a year at our home, and have some pretty nice dungeon furniture for them. That said, I picked up a massage chair to give my wife massages, and it’s turned out to be one of the more popular pieces at our parties.

    1. Isn’t it fun to discover new ways to use something? I love it. We will have to declutter the dungeon this weekend. Mrs. Lion has a bit more waxing to do, so we can try the massage table out..

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