I’ve only been wild a couple of days after a couple of weeks in the newly-shortened Jail Bird. I’ve been curious about how the chastity device affects my interest in sex. There’s no question that when I wear it, I am definitely interested. Surprising to me, I’m much more interested when wild.

Common chastity wisdom is that the device heightens sexual tension. Being locked up makes desire grow. I agree. It does. But being wild, for me at least, is even more intense. At night, when I wake up around 3AM to pee, I’ve been hard with a full erection. As I drift off to sleep, my thoughts are sexual as well.

Morning wood, which happens a few times a week when I’m caged, is a full erection every morning now that I’m wild. On Sunday, when Mrs. Lion waxed me (A Lionzillian?), I was hard almost the entire time. I get aroused thinking about that waxing session.

In contrast, our edging session on Sunday was no more intense than when I am unlocked in order to play. It doesn’t feel different, wild or not, once Mrs. Lion goes to work teasing me. Initially, I thought it would be different. But why should it? I’m always wild during teasing. It’s times when I’m not being stimulated that are different,

I don’t think this is a strong argument for me to be permanently wild. It’s just an observation. As I recall, during the long period of being wild after my surgery, the intense erections weren’t happening. Maybe it is the contrast between captivity and freedom.

In my case, I’m fully trained not to masturbate, so there is no risk of a “mistake” no matter how long I have to wait. The chastity device has served its purpose. The last time I jerked off was almost five years ago when I did it while Mrs. Lion watched. Of course, I still know how to do it. I just don’t try.

It’s the same sort of change that we observe when it comes to my rules and punishment. Mrs. Lion is viscerally aware of any infraction. Spanking me is second nature. The only learning curve remaining is continuing to dial up the intensity of the spankings. Inexorably, each spanking is a bit more intense than the last. I still feel some arousal when I think of being spanked. But the reality is painful punishment.

Mrs. Lion is on the way toward pushing me past anger to acceptance when she spanks me. I don’t know when that’s going to happen, but it will. I think it’s important that we keep progressing. Even though the current spankings are truly punishment, I think getting me past the anger at being beaten is where we need to go. That’s just my thinking. Mrs. Lion knows when she is finished with a spanking. That’s when she stops. Since I’m not bruised and don’t stay red long, I’m nowhere near any sort of physical limit. She knows that too.

Right now, I think being wild is what works best for me. Perhaps a pattern of a few weeks in the chastity device every so often followed by a period of being wild could be what works best for me. I don’t know. All I do know is that I’m very happy to be wild right now.