Striking Gold

I was going to make him wait longer, but I gave in. Lion has probably figured out that nine times out of ten he gets an orgasm when I tease him orally. There have only been a few times that I’ve left him hanging.

For all the talk of being horny, Lion was a little difficult to get going. He’ll probably say I was too rough with him. When I happened to rub the tip he said I was hurting him. That’s why I decided to change positions. I knew that would do the trick.

I did edge him quite a few times before I decided to keep going. I’m not sure if Lion was sure each time would be “the one”. Maybe he thought he’d have to wait. We’ve talked about his wait times being different when he’s caged versus being wild. To my knowledge, he never kept track of specific dates when he was caged so we can’t go back and extrapolate that information. I do know that this was a longer wait than he’s had for a while. I don’t know if that means anything or not.

Lion had more creamy goodness last night than he’s had in a long time. Was it the wait? Was it the oral attention? Was it the number of times I edged him? Was it the intensity? I don’t know. I don’t think Lion does either. I think it’s just a crap shoot.