Not Maintenance Spanking

We’ve been wrestling with the maintenance spanking concept. Our maintenance spankings over the last weeks went from very infrequent to twice weekly. The problem, for me at least, is that these are full-scale punishment spankings. They have been getting progressively more severe each time I get one. This is planned. Mrs. Lion is perfecting her technique and I am learning to hold still.

Now that she is at a stage where I am really being punished, maintenance spankings are truly hard to take. I know, I know, they’re supposed to be. I mentioned to Mrs. Lion that if I’m being punished twice a week for practice, breaking a rule has no real consequence because I will be beaten anyway.

If these spankings, even if intense, were within my comfort zone for pain, then maintenance spankings would be exciting for me. Mrs. Lion calls spankings at that level “funishment”. Even though I hate them, they still turn me on to anticipate and remember.

At their current level, spankings go well past the funishment level. That’s good. It’s exactly what we both want. I know Mrs. Lion is successful because I am now in phase two of spanking reactions: I’m angry while she is spanking me.

The anger starts well past the point where she used to stop. This isn’t a dangerous anger. I’m not going to attack her. I feel angry that I am allowing myself to go through this. I don’t know if Mrs. Lion can sense when I reach this stage. If she does, it is the perfect time to remind me that the spanking is my fault. I misbehaved and if I don’t want more, then I have to learn not to do it again. It’s also a good time to require me to answer questions like, “Do you know why I’m spanking you?, Tell me what you did to deserve this.” It’s extremely humiliating to have to answer while being swatted. Any delay of response gets a very hard swat to remind me to speak up. You get the idea.

If my anger is turned back to myself for misbehaving, the spanking becomes a stronger incentive to behave. If there. Is no reminder, I tend to be angry that I allowed myself to let her spank me. My anger is at the spanking, not my behavior. It’s still effective. I do know why I’m being punished. But if the primal reaction to the pain can be redirected at teaching me to correct my offense, the conditioning is better.

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion told me that “maintenance” spankings would be “random”. She said that she would spank me if she doesn’t t like my behavior even if I don’t break a rule. Even if she labels it a maintenance spanking, in reality I’m being punished for displeasing her. This is exactly what she should do as my disciplining wife. It’s an evolutionary step in our female led relationship with discipline. It’s a move away from rules-based discipline to a more organic and natural expression of displeasure. Long ago, we agreed this was where we would like to go. We also agreed that punishment would be truly unpleasant for me. Neither of us was sure we would ever get there.

The rules were the start. This new idea could be progress toward our original goal. Certainly, the spankings are evolving. We may even get past the anger to the submission phase. That is the most transformational stage of spanking. It is the transition from mental rebellion to acceptance. It manifests itself differently for each individual. Some produce tears, others beg abjectly, some just silently accept their fate. I have no idea how I will behave. As we evolve, I will find out.

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  1. Unless you enjoy maintence spankings I do not think they are doing any good–Once something becoems so routine it does not really change behaviors—You seem to be getting angry about the severity of the spankings I would quit or certainly lessen the frequency. i say this as a guy who gets an occasional bare ass paddling from my wife—Its always the same too much carousing and drinking (not drunk) with the guys Its automatic–when i come home we both know–strip off bend over hold bottom of bath tub and get your naked butt paddled and it hurts—–It is very infrequent so while I am not ‘cured’ so to speak–I do not need many—-A bare paddling hurts alot—–It makes it easier as no one else knows suspects so no issue of embarrassment or shame just a damn sore butt—deserved entirely however, MY BUTT HURTS

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