A Slow Orgasm

I’m writing a quick post before round two with the lawn. Yesterday afternoon Lion attempted to get the tractor going, decided the battery needed charging, was unable to get the battery off the tractor or find the charger, and decided we’ll find someone to mow the lawn professionally. In the meantime, I mowed almost half of the larger lawn with the push mower. Today I’ll tackle the rest of it and, with any luck, maybe the dog’s lawn in front of the house. When she starts to high step while looking for a place to poop, it’s time to mow.

Despite being somewhat achy I decided to see if Lion was still horny. He’d told me the weather was somewhat warm but he wasn’t sure if it would last. I had a feeling my mouth could persuade him. I did.

It’s always a little tricky to edge him with my mouth. I can’t see his face to judge when he’s close. Last night I used the subtle, and then not-so-subtle, movement of his hips. When he started bucking I knew I had to stop soon. I did this a few times although I never really gave him much of a rest. I was always working on him. Slowly, for the most part. I did speed up from time to time, but this was going to be a slow torture.

Lion loves a good oral workout. He likes a bad one too but this was a good one. After quite a few stops and starts I slowly brought him to orgasm. From my point of view it wasn’t a big one, but on Lion’s end it sounded like a nice one. Since I was going slow it just built up in him until it crashed down. My side was calm. While he didn’t produce much semen (we’re still trying to figure out why there’s more some times than others) he gave me a nice taste and he was happy.