A Most Public Penis

While  showering, I sometimes reflect on what I’ve done. The other night I was thinking about this blog. We are about 100 posts away from 3,000. That’s about two-million words. All of them, in some way, refer to my penis. It’s a lot of words about such a small thing. Every time I’ve ejaculated since January 2014 is recorded here. So is almost every erection. Talk about being exposed! That’s not all. Pictures of my genitals are liberally sprinkled here as well.

Of course, that’s not all we write about. We talk about our relationship and how we’ve integrated our power exchange into our marriage. We haven’t held back. The blog has helped us “talk” things out. We always read each other’s posts. Frequently, we react to each other’s writing. The fact that both of us post daily, keeps things real and very honest. We may change how we do things, but we are always on the same page. Our posts guarantee that.  Some readers report that reading about our adventures has helped them realized their fantasies.

Over the years more than a million people have seen/read about my penis and it’s sexual activities. I’ve grown used to having a completely public sex life. I must be crazy.

We’re different from most others who write about enforced male chastity or female led relationships with discipline. The difference is the lack of a filter on reporting what happens. Most, if not all, wait for a significant event before posting. We don’t. That’s the challenge. How do you write about the day-in-day-out happenings without being absolutely boring? I’m not sure we’ve managed to do that. Thank goodness you have the patience to follow our lives in real time.

Every day I wonder if I will come up with something to write. This is especially true on days when nothing sexual is going on. I’ve come to realize that there is always something sexual going on. Often it is in my head. If I tell you what I’m thinking about, Mrs. Lion finds out too. That frequently stimulates her to convert my thoughts into her actions. Many times I feel a bit of regret I let those thoughts leak out.

No, I don’t regret telling her she could put  me in a diaper or put ginger up my ass. Ultimately, it satisfies a kinky wish. That doesn’t mean I don’t hate what happens at the time it occurs. Obviously, I frequently do. But, when I remember what she did to me, I get aroused. I truly want that painful play. I may hate spending days in a wet diaper, but it’s very hot that she makes me wear it.

Mrs. Lion has grown in this department. It’s taken a long time for her to learn that it is a very good thing to torture me. I ultimately appreciate it and it fuels my libido. The Journal assures we give each other a lot of feedback. We learn at the same time as you.

I asked myself if I would want to keep posting if no one other than Mrs. Lion and I read the blog.  I would. Having said that, I’m very happy that you read us too.


  1. Author

    You have something very special here with both sides of the relationship “revealed”.
    It’s also very interesting to follow the interaction between you.

    I can certainly relate to asking my wife to do things to me that i probably will regret when it happens, but I have never felt that it was something that I would not do again.

    I know how difficult it can be to keep up with writing on a regular basis and i give you both a lot of credit and thanks for keeping up with it.

  2. Author

    What we have learned the most from you both is that unlike most writers of the lifestyle make it sound like every waking moment involves sexual activity…. We live real lives…. Yes i think of my keyholder constantly through my workday as I am always caged….. But actual hands on activity is a very small segrment of our time…. Male chastity/flr/dd definatley have us closer and in better communication in our daily lives. Keep it up.

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