It rains a lot here. Then, around July 4, it stops raining. Well, it stops raining as much. The problem is, in the spring, it rains and rains and rains, and before you know it, the lawn is out of control. In order to mow it, it needs to be dry. Fat chance with it raining all the time. The dog’s lawn grows faster. I don’t want to lose her in the jungle. I decided if I couldn’t mow, I’d hit it with the weed wacker. Luckily, it was dry enough to do it today. Most of it. There’s a small patch I just couldn’t do. I crapped out.

Lion always grumbles when I go to mow the lawn. He says he doesn’t want me to wear myself out. I hear this as, “If you’re tired, I won’t get attention.” That’s probably not what he means. I grumble when I go to mow the lawn because I don’t want to mow the damn lawn. I don’t like being tired and out of breath. However, I know it will get better as the summer goes on. I just need to get my bones moving. If I’d been moving all along, it wouldn’t be so bad.

I tried to give Lion a blow job last night. Depending on what you consider a blow job, I did more than try. I felt bad because I had to stop after a while. I don’t know how long it was. I just know my arm was going numb. I keep going as long as possible because I want him to enjoy himself. When I stopped, I asked if he was close. He wasn’t. I guess that’s less of a disappointment. He was soft when I started. I love feeling him get hard in my mouth. And he did get hard. However, he didn’t stay hard. He didn’t completely lose it, but it wasn’t as hard as it was. Sometimes I stop because it seems he’s losing it, only for him to say he wasn’t.

I’m not sure what we’ll try tonight. Maybe I can tie his balls up and release them before we get too far into it. I don’t want to distract him.

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