Potential for Punishment

It’s not Friday. I can’t figure out if the week seems long because I’m looking forward to payday or just Friday itself.

The weekend is already full of chores. We have to mow the lawn. First, we have to see if we can get the lawn tractor going. We didn’t use it last year because of Lion’s surgery. When we used it the summer before, it was running poorly. I’m fairly sure we can get the push mower going. That’s mine. I’m in charge of all the spots the tractor can’t go. And last year it was the entire yard.

I also need to get the weed whacker going. I hate yard work. Last year just mowing the lawn wiped me out most weekends. I never did get to any of the weed whacking or leaf blowing that needed to be done. The yard is sort of a wreck.

Why do you care about our yard? You don’t. But I’m anticipating not being in the mood for much along the lines of sex or play. And that directly impacts the blog. As the play by play guy, I don’t have much to say unless there’s been play.

Of course, if we’re working on the stupid tractor, there’s always the possibility that Lion will step out of line and there will be some punishment to report. Lion thinks we work well together. For the most part we do. The problem arises when Lion or I get frustrated. Or if he thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to fixing things.

I always helped my ex work on cars. I know the difference between a socket wrench and a crescent wrench. I’m willing to get my hands dirty to fix things. My issue is that the damn tractor has it in for me. Every time we work on it I lose skin from a finger or I smash a knuckle. I’m the one crawling around on the ground and Lion will say my “favorite” phrase – all you have to do is…. There is no “all you have to do” when the two pieces that are supposed to be together so the bolt can go through are an inch apart. Then “all I have to do” is start banging on it or use my superhuman I’m-so-pissed-right-now strength. I can already feel myself getting some of that strength. I’ll calm down in a minute.

As you can see, there is definitely a possibility for punishment. I know Lion won’t mean to get himself in trouble. It will be pure frustration on my part. But he’ll need to tread very lightly depending on how things go.

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    An, spring, when you have to do yard work and when you finally get motivated…. It rains. Thats what happened to me. 🙂

    Hopefully mr lion can help out.

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