Pain Is A Good Teacher

spanking lion with paddle tramp paddle
The kitchen paddle went into action last night. Those sharp edges really hurt!

Yesterday, we continued with our lawn efforts. We got a new battery for our lawn tractor and lo and behold, it works! When we went out to get the battery, we had lunch in a fast-food, burrito place. I managed to get a bit of rice on my shirt. Mrs. Lion said,

“You know what that means.”

I certainly did. While Mrs. Lion was sauteing a stir fry, she got the kitchen paddle and told me it was time for my spanking. I was surprised she was doing it in the kitchen. In the past, that particular paddle was reserved for infractions while in that room. I mentioned that. Mrs. Lion didn’t see why it mattered. So, I bent over the counter and she made me yelp and jump. That little paddle really hurts! I think the sharp edges help increase the pain.

It seems that spilling food is the principal reason my butt gets spanked. Fortunately, I don’t do that very often. I’m not sure what the infrequency of punishment means. Have I cleaned up my act? Maybe. Or maybe Mrs. Lion isn’t in the habit of disciplining me for interrupting and doing other annoying things. Or, maybe I don’t do that anymore.

What a thought. I’ve actually improved. Seriously, I hope so. If that’s the case, it means that our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD) is working. When I get past the erotic fantasies around surrender and spanking, there’s a real benefit. I’m not claiming that spanking alone has caused me to correct misbehavior. That’s way too simplistic.

I think that the painful spanking brings my infraction to the top of my mind. It’s true that I don’t like being spanked when I’m naughty. It’s also true that consistent, strict enforcement is much more unpleasant than watching my P’s & Q’s. Inconsistent enforcement doesn’t work as well for me. Mrs. Lion knows this. She’s been working hard to be the consistent disciplinarian I need. I’m very grateful.

Of course, don’t ask me how grateful I am while my butt is burning. But once the burn dies down, I realize that I’m benefiting from her efforts. What began as an erotic fantasy has become a tool that is helping be a better man.