This is the product. My advice: stay away.

(Mrs. Lion is at a conference. I’m filling in with this review of Balls Bare Balm) I tried the male depilatory called Balls Bare Balm. I’m looking for an easier way to remove hair on my scrotum. My Norelco Body Shaver tends to nick me painfully.

balls before treating
Here is my scrotum before application. I have little hair, but it is clearly visible. Click the image to enlarge.

Yesterday, I did a test patch on a quarter-sized area on my balls. Hair was removed and there was no irritation. Today, I applied Balls Balm to my full scrotum, the base of my penis, and anus. I waited ten minutes and then washed with cool water. In the shower, I used the provided exfoliating glove to remove the hair. When using a depilatory, the hair must be buffed off after application.

During the ten minute wait, I could feel some heat in the anal area, but no burning sensation. I stood while waiting for the product to work. I didn’t want any mess on a chair or the bed.

The product has a light scent. I don’t mind it. When applying it, I used a rubber glove to put the cream on. The kit I bought came with applicator sticks. They are difficult to use and reviews of the product suggested the glove is easier.

After application. Note that some hair is gone, but much remains. Click image to enlarge.

The instructions say to apply the cream when the balls are in “walnut mode”. They mean the sack is shriveled rather than loose and hanging down. I followed that instruction.

As you can see in the photos (left is before, right is after), there was good hair removal, but it didn’t get everything. Perhaps I didn’t put the product on thick enough all over. After application and removal, I used the soothing lotion that comes in the kit. It felt good going on. I expect it restores the ph of the skin and moisturizes.

Some Blood
When I exfoliated in the anal area, blood was on the cotton glove. Apparently, the Balls Balm irritated some sensitive skin. There was quite a bit of bleeding. When it stopped I cold see that there were two small areas that looked like sores. I suspect that the cotton exfoliating glove caused the problem by scratching a couple of small allergic “bumps” back there.

This product works. It isn’t perfect and takes experimentation to determine the right amount to apply. Ten minutes is probably the best amount of time to leave the product on. The manufacturer says you can leave it on as much as 13 minutes. I wouldn’t wait that long.

As you can see in the “after” photo, there is some irritation. It is minor and not painful. I expect it will recede in a day or two. Depilatories are generally safe and effective in removing hair. This product is intended for men and the maker claims its formula has been refined especially for male pubic hair removal.

I’m not going to use it again. The anal bleeding and the fact that some hair didn’t get removed disqualifies Balls Balm as a product I would recommend to you.  We’ll stay with the Norelco Body Shaver and the Bella Silk’n Flash and Go to keep me hairless. I’m returning the Balls Bare Balm kit to Amazon.

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