Female pubic hair styles have varied over the decades.

My review of the Balls Bare Balm started me thinking about the larger subject of body hair removal. Throughout history various cultures have favored body hair removal. Over the last forty years, we’ve gone from full bush to bare.

It’s not that new generations have different views of pubic hair. In the 70’s a full bush (natural, you know) was the way to go. Men and women were ungroomed. Many guys had no real idea what a vagina looked like. All they saw was hair. If you don’t believe me, check out xhamster.com. This site has a “hairy” fetish section.

Male pubic grooming tends to lag the girls by some years. In the 90’s when my pubic hair left for good, women were well on the way to bare skin.

I’m amused by the rationalizations that the pro-hair folks provide for letting the underbrush grow. The first one I heard was that hair retained sexy scents. Apparently, I would be irresistibly attracted to a woman with a bush because of the sexy scents her pussy was transmitting.

I don’t understand how those tantalizing scents got through underwear and outer clothing. When I got close and personal to a bush, all I remember is the vague smell of pee. Is this the scent that I would be drawn to like a magnet attracts iron filings? It certainly didn’t repel me, but I never wanted that scent on my pillow to give me sexy dreams.

More recently I read that pubic hair prevents friction during intercourse. What? Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Fucking involves moving my penis in and out of a well lubricated vagina. Side-to-side motion has never been in my sexual repertoire. In fact, I’ve caused some discomfort when my penis drew a female pubic hair along for the ride. Pubic hair pulling just doesn’t turn many women on. I really like the current trend in female grooming. Vaginas are beautiful and shouldn’t be obscured by foliage.

Since I have no real interest in male genitals, other than mine, I have no idea how many other guys are bare like me. I do know that wearing a chastity device is much more comfortable when there is no pubic hair to get caught in it. As far as I can tell, Mrs. Lion has no strong preference in how my naughty bits are groomed. She agreeably manscapes me because she knows I like no hair there. Of course, she never saw me with pubic hair. I haven’t had any in 30 years.


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    I completely agree, both male and female genitals must be bare. For hygiene, looks and making it a much nicer sensation when one goes down on the other.
    My only problem is shaving Masters balls and shaving around my piercings.
    I find that very hard. Hair removal creams don’t seem to work, I’ve tried wax strips with not success. But the cost of going to a beautician is too much for us both to go, so I will stick with with razors xxxxxx

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    “Vaginas are beautiful and shouldn’t be obscured by foliage.”
    Vulva — not “vagina.”

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    I have been keeping my genitals hair free for about 3 years now. Have been managing fairly well with a razor. During the winter (no shorts) I have been shaving my legs for the past two years.
    My wife has more pubic hair than I do and she occasionally trims it down just for accessibility.

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      Perhaps I’m older than you. But I’m the late seventies and early to mid eighties many women were very well trimmed. I would say that by the 90’s many were free of hair. I see a growing trend to more hair though like you I prefer none!

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    Do you know if this is sold only in America. I’ve done searches, but can only find it on Amazon.com, who don’t ship to UK. I will look at the main site again xx

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