Mrs. Lion suggested that she have regular communication with my personal trainer. I think she said that tongue in cheek. But, it’s actually a very good idea. It’s also a good idea that she monitor my weight loss as well. I think there are some real benefits from her increased interest.

This hands-on management will reinforce her position in our FLRD. Diet and exercise, aside from being valuable in improving my health, also allow Mrs. Lion to exercise control outside of sexual context. By communicating directly with my trainer, she is establishing herself as the authority figure in my life, even away from home.

Perhaps more importantly, by actively participating in managing my physical development, she is much more likely to pay closer attention to her own. It’s hard to overlook her own diet if she is weighing me.

There’s another important benefit. Mrs. Lion will become more involved in parts of my life that I currently handle without her input. In the case of having direct contact with my trainer, she establishes her role as my supervisory wife. The trainer will quickly learn that Mrs. Lion can get me to quickly fall into line if necessary. Even if I do what I’m supposed to, regular report cards will assure she remains firmly in control.

I don’t think I require surveillance and intervention to do the right thing. That’s not the point. It’s my surrender of further control over my life that helps our FLRD along. At least, that’s what I’m thinking now. This all could be a mistake. But it doesn’t matter. There’s no real downside. Mrs. Lion will keep her own health and fitness in focus if she is managing mine. If I slip, I will feel her paddle. It’s a win-win.


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    I’m a big fan of having a personal trainer for my husband. I also get her to monitor my husband’s diet. He must write everything down in an app, and at the start of each session she goes over the past week’s diet and assigns him a grade that he is to bring to me. Trust me, she will eventually become curious about the repercussions of a poor grade, and when she finds out, what fun she will have!

    1. Author

      My trainer appears to be totally vanilla. Mrs. Lion hasn’t decided if she wants to exchange email with my trainer. How did you establish with the trainer that you review her assessments?

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