This Can’t Be True!

I spent yesterday in panties. Mrs. Lion has decided to start exercising control again; at least in terms of what I wear for underwear. I get the point and I appreciate that we’re getting back on track again.

Here’s the thing. Last night when I took my shower, there was some stirring south of the border. Maybe it’s due to it being the eighth day since my last orgasm. I would like to believe that, but I know it isn’t completely true. Could it be that being put into panties was what I needed? I don’t like wearing panties. I have no cross-dressing fetish. So it isn’t the female garb.

A few weeks ago, I had a similar problem with my penis being uncooperative. Then one day, I was spanked for breaking a rule. The erection appeared again that very evening. I’m not terribly fond of being spanked and put in the corner. Are you sensing a pattern? I am reluctantly seeing it too. Apparently, my sexual health is connected to feeling my lioness’ control.

If I were sexually submissive, I would be hot and bothered just knowing I submit to my wife. I have to admit I am aroused by being forced to do submissive things. Allowing myself to be punished or to wear panties is arousing. As I think back, just being locked into the sling also got me hard. There you have it. At least at this time in my life, I’m a bottom.

I need being put in panties or diapers. Punishment and humiliation are apparently required for my sexual health. If I am a good boy too long and allowed to wear my underwear, it looks like my libido takes a vacation. What puzzles me is that my positive reaction isn’t at the time I submit. It’s always later. I don’t get hard when I am about to be spanked. I stopped that a long time ago. I don’t get hard when put into panties or diapers, but later I am easily aroused.

This isn’t a unique situation. Guys who want to get spanked, for example, almost always say that thinking about the spanking is more exciting than receiving it. Then, why get spanked at all? If thinking about it produces arousal, why suffer the real pain of a beating? For me, at least, anticipation is exciting because I know that the reality is coming soon. I don’t get excited thinking about being punished, but the actual punishment somehow makes me horny later.

Perhaps the cure to my sleeping libido is as simple as more frequent humiliation and punishment. Crap! I don’t like that prospect at all. Obviously, deep down I do.

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    As a Sadist, I have noticed similar things in revard to playing with slaves. When I inflict pain, torment my slaves, order them around whatever, I will find myself having raging hard-ons. I dont have the same effect when I think of vanilla sex. That doesnt mean i dont get aroused when i see the type of men i like, but thr level of intensity is different. Almost as if the bdsm is speaking to me on a much deeper level.

    Perhaps it is similar for you as well. It is not that your labido is sleeping, but that you are no longer aroused by mundane stimulous the way you once were. This dance you are doing with your wife is engaging you far more than mere images and fantasies can. She is not playing with your dick, shes playing with your soul.

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