Pretty Panties

When I was in the shower last night I was thinking about making Lion wear diapers when he gets home from work tonight. I decided he’d have to wear them after he peed until just before he needed to pee again. And he’d have to wear them until morning when he could wash off to go to work. It flashed through my mind that he should have to wear them to work too but I dismissed that idea. Then I remembered the panties. He hasn’t worn them for a while. Why not make him wear them to work?

This morning he pulled a pair out of his drawer just as I was leaving for work. He’d remembered. What a good boy! He may not remember he has them on until he needs to pee but then he’ll see them and feel pretty. Yeah. Right. He’ll feel silly. But he’ll know that he’s wearing them because I want him to be pretty. And it’s one way I can be with him throughout the day.

I wonder if he thinks about it that way. I imagine he really does forget he’s wearing panties. But when he remembers, does he think of me? Does he feel like I’m with him? Even just a little bit? Does he feel loved? Does he feel controlled? [Lion – I sure do!] I know I think he looks sexy in them. Anything that draws attention to his butt works for me. And I feel good knowing he loves me enough to wear the silly things even though they were his idea in the first place. It’s a complex world we live in.

Lion will likely get home after I do. I’ll see those panties when he gets undressed. I’ve given up the idea of the diapers for tonight. Perhaps tomorrow or another night this week I’ll have a pair waiting for him when he gets home. Maybe it will be a weekend thing. For now he’s got his cute little butt in some cute panties.


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    Lots of things have changed for us since flooding and having to move in with someone until we figure out what is going to go on with our home… But to keep some of our game alive I do wear panties daily now for Goddess and it definitely keeps her on my mind while I am at work. Oh for some stability in living again…..

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